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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

  1. by   sapadgett
    Quote from pRaYeRfuL
    Anyone going to do cpr anytime soon??? O have ideas for places???
    I'm not sure where you're located, but I went to a place called Save a Heart in Humble (I think they have another location on the west side) It was $65 and it's a lady that teaches it out of her home.
  2. by   nataliea15
    I went to the other one in Spring that was suggested on our handout. It was $75.00 but well worth it and I would recommend them. The instruction was excellent and there was enough equipment for everyone in the group.
  3. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Thanks so much for responses... I found a place already though.. I have officially completely all my paperwork for cyfair... I know most of you on here are kingwood... our orientation is dec 5th whew
  4. by   sapadgett
    Are y'all getting excited? I know I am! This semester is wrapping up and next thing you know we will be in NURSING SCHOOL, finally!!
  5. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Yes!!!! So exciting!!!!!
  6. by   nataliea15
    I wonder if we'll have much homework in RNSG 1105, anyone know?
  7. by   ShockEmRN
    Pretty much you will just be reading the chapters thoroughly so you can practice the skills when you get to class. Everything is to prepare you for the practicum at the end where you get a random skill or two and do it in front of the instructor.
  8. by   ShockEmRN
    Skills one is stuff like making a bed while occupied, bathing, taking out a Foley, mainly stuff that a nursing assistant would do... it's a fairly easy class tho. Nursing skills two is tougher, same concept but with more difficult tasks such as administering meds through many different routes, inserting a Foley, starting an IV, inserting an NG tube, and lots more.

    Also, word of advice....
    Do not get behind on your reading, always stay ahead. I know it sounds like common sense but once you're behind on it, it's hard to catch up.
    Also, once you're assigned a project, start on it asap. The first part of your first semester you will have around 4 projects to complete and most are all due around the same time. The sooner you get it out of the way the better, no reason to put it off and cause more stress.
    Hope some of this helps!
  9. by   countyourblessings
    Hey future nurses! So excited for orientation on the 5th and the semester to start. This site has been so useful and everyone is so helpful, I've decided to finally post. I was accepted into Cyfair with 11.61. I am just finishing up the process of submitting everything via certifiedbackground. Prayerful, I called Certifiedbackground bc I didn't understand how to submit the ssn verification and they said that I need to fax it to them along with the cover sheet that can be found under document center. I hope this helps. Has anyone received information regarding the location of orientation for the cyfair students?
  10. by   iamleeann
    I'm kingwood but definitely excited about everything wrapping up for this semester.
  11. by   lahi27
    Do we have to take BLS for Healthcare Providers for CPR?
  12. by   iamleeann
    Quote from lahi27
    Do we have to take BLS for Healthcare Providers for CPR?
    Yes, it has to be the one for Health Care Providers and they will only accept American Heart Association.
  13. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Thanks countyourblessings I have completed all the paperwork needed already. Also I received an email yesterday and our orientation will be in the lecture hall of the CASA building.