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  1. Can any of you that live in the Great State of Texas give me advice on what is a good area (city) to live in for a single mother with a teenage son. I'm considering Dallas, Houston, and Austin area. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I've visited Houston and it was beautiful, but I'm from a big city (Detroit) not looking for anything to remind me of here.

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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    If you don't have ties to DFW, I personally would avoid that area because of Group One, the nursing blacklist for that area. There are threads aplenty here about GO if you want to look them up. Dallas has some awesome places to work, but I just couldn't work for a facility that feels it has the right to blacklist nurses.

    Houston is too big. IF you look there, don't just look in the medical center, there are plenty of hospitals ringed around 'the loop' that would allow you to commute in from nicer suburbs.

    Austin is nice, but expensive.

    I personally live in the Bryan/College Station area and love it. Close to big cities for culture, small town feel. Plus, the local medical facilities have to compete with the big cities for nurses, so decent salary comparisons. B/CS is 1.5 hrs from Houston, 2 from Austin, 3 from San Antonio, and 4 from Dallas: all are within reach for day trips.

    Great schools, lots of parks, good cost of living. My 3 br house on a culdesac across from a park cost less than 100k. Kids go to a great school.

    I like my job and my employer.

    It's located about 60miles north and slightly west of Houston.

    PM me if you want more info.

  4. by   Kyrshamarks
    Being from Detroit originally myself...all I can say is that Cleveland Ohio is even better than Detroit....LOL

    I live in Houston and LOVE it. I have been living here now for over 20 years and It is a great place to live. I would not live in Dallas at all. I hate that city. Austin is where I hope to retire to. I LOVE IT THERE!!! A great small area with beautiful countryside and a pretty city. I personally live on the West side of houston and enjoy that area. There are a ton of hosptials around me with a few new ones going up right now.

    Brenham/College station is also a great area as Timothy says. Close enough to everything to get what you want but yet still country enough to have a small town feel.

    Welcome to Texas
  5. by   Sirena922
    Thanks guy's for the quick replies. I was just in Killeen visiting a friend last weekend, "Boring"! But Austin was nice. The traffic on the highway was crazy busy on I35 I think thats where I was. I'll be visiting again in a few weeks, just really getting a feel Texas. But the summer months will be really different for me, so I cant wait until June to see if I can stand the heat.
  6. by   kat911
    I fyou don't want a big city there are a lot of possibilities for you. Along I-35 from Dallas to south of San Antonio there is a wide variety of towns and cities with hospitals. There are private hospitals in Waco, Teaching Hospital in Temple, Smaller private Hospitals in Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcus and Hillsboro North of Waco. Lots of clinics as well. There are University's and Junior Colleges in or near all of these places and you will be within one or two hours of a big city. You can venture out into the country side if you want rural living. We have a wide variety of hospitals and a few choices in countryside. Prarie, rolling hills, small mountains, beaches, Piny Woods, swamps. Take your pick.:spin: