HCC Nursing Program-No thanks

  1. I went to an information session last Tue for the transition program and I was very disappointed. For starters, all applicants must find a way to turn in their high school transcript. Oh by the way, it doesn't matter if you ave a Phd, ALL applicants must turn this in. Also, they require you to retake Human Growth and Development if its older tha 5 ys old, even if you recently took, general, abnormal,child and adult psycology. Last,but not least, they only offer evening classes in one rotation. This means if fail to start at the beginning of the rotation you have to wait a whole year. Is all this true or was my hearing faulty ? It seems to me like they would try to work with you instead of having the take it or leave it attitude. Did anyone else experience this? Don't get me wrong, I was so excited about this program, but now I really don't know. Please tell me are there ways around all of this.
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    Is HCC Houston Community College?
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    thank you, thank you !!! I have been a nurse for 15 years and I was told in the infosession ........it would be better for me to start from scratch because if you don't have current A&P you will NEVER pass pathophysiology. It doesn't seem to matter what you have already taken it all about how many classes you will have to repeat for what??? money and time of course...If they are going to teach me something new or beneficial to the care of my patients,HECK YEAH I am ready to take that....but to have to repeat basic micro for the lab to say patient x has mrse of the foot/isolation/etc...well it looks like i will be forced to say no thanks...It is also frustrating that nurses have to be competing for the same class newbies are trying to take for the first time..sorry no offense i hope...
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    Quote from tym21
    It seems to me like they would try to work with you instead of having the take it or leave it attitude.
    In general, community college nursing programs don't work with anyone. They tend to treat everyone the same (unfortunately), because they have so many applicants willing to fill a few spots. There's no need for them to work with you, when hundreds of other eager applicants will happily work around them.