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Hi!! I'm new to this site..but i love it already...I am planning on using the Excelsior program to get my RN, I am an LVN now...has anyone gone thru it?? I'm worried about not being able to use my... Read More

  1. by   sunnyjohn
    Quote from gauge14iv
    They need to strike a deal with a major hospital chain!
    For Real!
  2. by   medicb70
    I actually attended Del Mar for three semesters before having issues with a psych instructor, so I did the excelsior thing. It worked great for me, and worth every penny of the 5k-6k that I spent. I finished the program in 6 months and graduated in Dec. '02.
    The downside to Excelsior, is the 3 day clinical. Alot of places seem to frown on no clinical education (I assume that that is the problem with CA). The first hosp. I worked at, the recruiter was all excited that I wanted to work in CVICU until I told her I graduated from Excelsior. I think the only reason that I got the job was because I had worked there as a tech. With your experience as an LVN, you might not have this trouble.
    Good Luck either way.

    PS. I've heard talk of an LVN-RN web based program in Austin, but I have no idea where.
  3. by   CSLee3
    Hello...i Am Excelsior Grad 12-04, Went To Lvn School At Community College, Received Excellent Education And Did Excelsior Because Of Mortgage, Kids, Bills, Etc. All While Working As Lvn In Austin Texas. Best Money Option And Decision I Have Ever Made. I Have Worked In M/s, Er, And Ccu. Only Once Or Twice Did I Have Comments Made To Me About Ec, And I Basically Called Them Uneducated And Ignorant On The Facts Of The Program. Unless You Have Completed Ec, And The Cpne, You Are Not Qualified To Talk On That Matter. Walk A Mile In A Man's Shoes.....
    But Now I Am Compact Endorsed On My License, So I Can Work In The Other 20 Or So States That Are In The Compact, Without Getting Their License. Ec Isn't For Everyone, But For Those Who Successfully Complete It, Well, I Shows Dedication, Desire And Working Under Intese Pressure....good Qualities In A Nurse!!!
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