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  1. medicb70

    Is Nursing School more difficult than working?

    What leads you to believe that school is over when you start working??? There are still CE requirements and to be truely good nurse, you must continue to learn new and challenging skills. I must say tho', I would not trade my job to go back to school.
  2. I got in in '00 with a 3.6, but I don't know what it's like now.
  3. medicb70

    excelsior in texas??

    I actually attended Del Mar for three semesters before having issues with a psych instructor, so I did the excelsior thing. It worked great for me, and worth every penny of the 5k-6k that I spent. I finished the program in 6 months and graduated in Dec. '02. The downside to Excelsior, is the 3 day clinical. Alot of places seem to frown on no clinical education (I assume that that is the problem with CA). The first hosp. I worked at, the recruiter was all excited that I wanted to work in CVICU until I told her I graduated from Excelsior. I think the only reason that I got the job was because I had worked there as a tech. With your experience as an LVN, you might not have this trouble. Good Luck either way. PS. I've heard talk of an LVN-RN web based program in Austin, but I have no idea where.