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  1. I am needing to take a CPR class for Health Care Providers before starting nursing school in mid January. I am having the HARDEST time finding a class here in the Houston area. MD Anderson has one through the American Heart Assoc., but that is not until Jan. 30. Does anyone know where I can take this CPR class? Any help would be appreciated.

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  3. by   LadyBug1029
    I too am starting nursing in January (@ TWU-Houston) and they provide the CPR classes for the students. Check with your school, generally they provide the CPR for Health Care Providers class for the students to take. I think they offer ours on Jan 9, 10, and 11... but I could be wrong on those dates. I guess I'll find out more tomorrow at orientation.
  4. by   sbyramRN
    Thanks for the reply. Cy Fair said they offer it through their Continuing ed program, but all they seem to be offering is basic CPR-not CPR for the Health Care Provider. I wonder if anyone can take the CPR class at TWU or if you have to be in their program.
  5. by   Soft_Kitty_Cat
    I have to also be CPR Healthcare Provider certified by January, but through the American Heart Association. If you go to their website, you can find places other than the school that will offer certification. For example, there is a place in Spring that offers the exact certification we need every Saturday from 9 a.m til 1 p.m. for $65. There of course are other locations; you just have to enter in your zipcode to find facilities near you.
  6. by   rjglbws
    She does CPR classes for health casre providers.

    Heisler Solutions, Inc.
    Phone: 713-826-0197
    Fax: 281-360-6183
    Email: heislersol@kingwoodcable.com
    Heisler Solutions Inc. CPR, AED, First Aid Classes in Houston
  7. by   foxyhill21
    American Heart Association

    If u go to the above website it will give u a list of CPR-BLS-HCP in the houston area. Go to the tab CPR & ECC and then it will say "find a class near you"
  8. by   sbyramRN
    Thanks for all your responses. I actually attended a class today. just FYI, I called most of the places on the list on American Heart Assoc. list, and MD Anderson was the only one who said they had a class available, but it wasn't until Jan. All the other places either did not have one, did not return my call, or the phone number was no longer in service. I also found that the Cy Creek EMS and the CY Fair Fire Dept. both offer several classes.
  9. by   SoSimplyMe
    Oh, where I work, CPR is provided Monday through Thursday, and it's $25 just in case anyone else needs their certification.