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  1. I Don't Remember His Name

    This patient in particular was alone. Not sure of her full family history, but I do remember she was a single mother that had three little ones at home. As a side note, I work in a historically underserved community. I would say that majority of the...
  2. I Don't Remember His Name

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my memoir of the special mother and perfect baby who touched my heart. Thank you GOMER42 and KayceeCA for the kind words. GOMER42, I have passed the link on to my manager. KayceeCA, I am so sorry for yo...
  3. I Don't Remember His Name

    A feeling of dread consumed me as I walked to room 418. I took a deep breath and knocked lightly on the door before quietly stepping into the patient's room. There, laying in the middle of the bed was a young African American woman. Besides the swell...
  4. rnsg 1172 at lonestar college???

    I had it at Kingwood. It was pretty much just vital signs and proper body mechanics when assisting patients in/out of bed and turning/moving patient up in bed with pull sheets. Also, I think that we learned how to properly make a bed. :yeah:Congratu...
  5. CPR Class in Houston

    She does CPR classes for health casre providers. Heisler Solutions, Inc. Phone: 713-826-0197 Fax: 281-360-6183 Email: [email protected] Heisler Solutions Inc. CPR, AED, First Aid Classes in Houston
  6. gestational diabetes questions

    what is the standard in your area before insulin therapy is recommended...... fasting level? 1-hour postprandial? 2-hour postprandial? is the 2-hour postprandial glucose level more significant than the 1-hour postprandial glucose level? how many elev...
  7. Kingwood hopefuls

    Let's get to know our prospective fellow classmates for Spring 2007. 1.How many points are you applying with? 11.68 2.Tell a little about yourself. I am a married 31 yr old mother of two with a lil one who is due in August.
  8. Frustrated!! Encouragement needed please.

    When I first took the THEA college entrance test...I didn't even pass pre-algebra. So I went out and bought the THEA study guide and studied the book for a month. When I took the test the second time, I passed. If you set your mind to it I'm positive...