Clinical sites for Del Mar/TAMU-CC eLine program

  1. I am in Houston and I just found out about the eLine program available in Corpus Christi. It sounds too good to be true!! I read an article that states the college will set you up with clinicals in your area. I've emailed the advisors but no response yet. Is anyone in the eLine program and going to clinicals somewhere else in TX (other than the coastal bend area)?? I would really love to stay in Houston and do this online program!!

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  3. by   tawillia
    I am an e-line student (TAMU-CC), I live in Dallas. If there is not a site already set up in Houston you may have to commute to a surrounding city for clinicals, but you won't have to go to Corpus for clinicals.

    Call the advisor, it will take her awhile to get back to you by e-mail.

    Send me a private message if you would like more information.
  4. by   deleongirl
    To: tawillia:

    How is the program going for you? I am looking into just now and am excited about it. I cant believe there is an actual program like this.

    What year are you in? Can you share any information about the program, please? PROS & CONS....

  5. by   Argo
    here is an email i sent to someone this week regarding my experience with eline. the black was her questions, the blues were my response..... please note that i did the program 4 years ago and was the 5th person to graduate from it and one of the first to pass the boards. this program does have a great passing rate for nclex though and is a very well established "real" brick and mortar school. i also had connections with my clinical site and was able to set it up through the hospitals attorney and a few staff msns that worked at my clinical site that were friends with me.

    i did the delmar college adn program that is on the same eline website. i had a bachelorette degree in something else already... an adn is all anyone really needs to get a start in the field of nursing. i do recommend getting the bsn to start but if you want to get finished quicker just do the adn and then enroll for your bsn afterwards.... an rn is an rn regardless of what degree you have.

    1. how do the semesters run? [color=#0000bf]you can enroll for the semesters throughout the year just like you do for other college classes. spring, summer 1, summer 2, fall. the difference is you can take up to 1 year to finish the semester after you sign up for it. you have to finish the semester before you can sign up for the next one though. so you could take up to 4 years to finish the nursing program.

    2. how many classes a semester do we take? [color=#0000bf]i dont remember the exact number of classes that you get enrolled in to each semester but it is not an overload in my eyes. it varies from each semester on what the coarse load is. it also changed the year i graduated so they are a little more equal now than what they were. it used to be a very heavy first semester class load with lighter 2/3/4 semesters....

    3. what does it mean "self paced"? if we finish one class we take the next one? we take a final exam? [color=#0000bf]self paced means you finish it and do it when you have the time to do it. you dont have to be online every day at a certain time for class or anything like that.... very few times i had to participate in online discussion for grades, maybe 3 times in the whole program.

    4. what's the cost for one two or three classes? [color=#0000bf]it cost about the same as sac(san antonio comunity college) but you will be out of district for delmar, it was about $2000/semester with books. tamucc is about twice the price.

    5. do we go to campus during the semester? [color=#0000bf] i would go down there once or twice a semester but it is not a requirement, or it wasnt at the time. you can take your tests at a testing place here in sa like sylvan learning centers..... i like meeting my instructors though....

    6. pathophysiology & pharmacology are pre-reqs, did u take those here in sa? [color=#0000bf]i took all my pre reqs at sac......

    7. how was ur experience in the clinical setting? [color=#0000bf]it was alright... it was clinicals... i have worked in hospitals since i was 18 so there was nothing that shocked me or made me uncomfortable, i am really a bad person to answer that question because of this.... i set up nix hospital in sa as a clinical sight but do not know if it still is one or not. i did some clinicals in cc and some in beeville, 3 days in each place, 12 hours each day. no biggie....

    8. your overall thoughts or feeling about the program? [color=#0000bf]i would have never been able to do the program without it being an online course. i would have ended up divorced because of how time consuming it is to do the on campus programs. if i needed a break for a couple of days i just didnt log in the computer. i did lots of class work sitting by the pool with my laptop on the wifi as my kids swam. school, full time work and family do not mix too well, this program helped make it happen for me....

    9. likes & dislikes? [color=#0000bf]i liked it because i am a very focused and self motivated person. i like not working in groups and being able to just sit down and finish my semesters worth of work in a couple of days.....

    10. was it worth it? [color=#0000bf]yes, i was making $30k/year, now since the program i have not made under 6 figure income in the last 4 years, i would say the average for a nurse after a few years experience is probably $60k/year though. i have been an rn for 4 years but i work in a specialized area in a specialty area, ctor in the surgery dept. i have different goals in life than most women may though, trying not to stereotype.... my goal is to provide for my family and have as much free time as possible. i wanted to be able to do it in the shortest amount of time possible, nursing was the way to go. i enjoy it, make a good living and it was a relatively short education process given the return, monetarily speaking.....

    11. would u do it again? [color=#0000bf]yes

    12. did u feel like u were prepared to enter the workforce (nursing field)? [color=#0000bf]yes but i had an extensive hospital, surgical, background....

    13. were u prepared for the nclex? [color=#0000bf]i passed it in 75 questions on the first try... i guess i was. i also took the kaplan review for the nclex(you can google that) though just to get some face to face time with a teacher and some review questions to prepare for the test..... only test i have ever studied for.

    sorry for all the questions just want to get am idea about what i'm getting into. there is 4 of us that r in agreement to doing it and 2 more are thinking about it. so we will definitely have our study group here or looks like a mini class.
    [color=#0000bf]no problem, i hope i answered your questions and good luck. it is a great career, rewarding personally and financially.

  6. by   mrsaggie
    Hi Argo,

    Thank you for posting this! It was VERY informative! I was just accepted into the eLine program at Corpus and I am very excited to get started! Your post was very encouraging.

  7. by   KBROWN449
    I live in the Houston area. Are clinicals for the e-line program available in Houston? I am very interested and excited about this option to get my BSN.