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Heyyyy everyone! There isn't a thread yet for the Spring '12 hopefuls, so I thought I'd start one :clown: I just finished Microbiology, College Algebra and 4 of my 5 coreq's, and all I have... Read More

  1. by   Cajuntexasman
    i wanted to see how its going for all of the above people. i'm in the process now working through pre-reqs and coreqs
  2. by   annbananz

    Well as of right now I'm just studying for the HESI. I'll be turning in my application on June 1st. I completed all my pre- and co-reqs for the ADN program so I'm taking classes that will count towards my BSN (chemistry, history, government, art, etc.) for the summer and fall semesters. I'll also be doing the CNA course through ACC's continuing education this summer just so I can start doing something...anything! I'm really crossing my fingers that I get accepted for Spring anxiety levels are super high right now

    Best of luck to you!....and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  3. by   Cajuntexasman
    How much is the CNA class and how long ?? I think I may do the same thing soon.
  4. by   annbananz
    It's $411.38 I believe and they are offered all throughout the year. There's 3 different formats: evenings, weekends, or "fast track" where you meet for lecture everyday but Sunday for a week. The weekends and evenings last for a month or so.
  5. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    Hey ya'll! Just took the HESI this AM and it was not bad at all!! Review the study guide they recommended (I think it sells for around $40 but i found a copy at half price awhile back for $19) and you should have no problem! You have to get a 75+ on each graded section (Math, A&P, and Reading), and the average between the three graded sections is what you get your admission ranking points from (i.e. 90 and higher gets you the full 10 possible points for the HESI)

    I was super nervous just becuase of the importance of the test, but seriously, it wasn't bad!!!! I reviewed the study guide a day or two before and got the full 10 points!

    Don't sweat it, but as I've come to realize in myself and other pre-nursing majors, WE'RE CRAZY OCD and OBSESSED!!
  6. by   annbananz
    Way to Go Brooke.ACC!

    Thank you for posting your experience with the HESI! It calms my nerves a bit but like you said we pre-nursing majors are crazy OCD so my anxiety is still through the roof. I'm still studying like crazy and I probably won't be back to "normal" until I'm done taking the HESI and I see my score. I just feel like I need to review EVERYTHING just in case, so that I'm prepared. I feel like no matter how hard we work on getting the best grades possible for pre- and co-reqs, this HESI is the determining factor on an applicant's acceptance....I can't wait till the test is over and done with.
  7. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    Hey annbananz!
    Trust me, you will be fine!! You get the average results of the group who took it on the same day as you, and the averages were high for my group (91 for math, 90 for the reading, and 83 for the a&p) so getting the required 75 on each section shouldn't be too difficult!

    The guide really refreshed things for me, especially the math. It's practice tests were really true to similar questions of the exam, especially for the math and reading. And like everyone said, the anatomy is really really basic!

    I'm applying to the program June 1st!! I'm trying to figure out the ranking the gpa your total gpa of every class you've taken, or do you figure out the gpa of only the 10 pre and co reqs? and how many points do they give you again for first time applicants? Gettin Excited!!
  8. by   annbananz
    Thanks Brooke.ACC!

    The GPA they'll be using is only for the nursing pre- and co-reqs. Since you've completed all 10, then your multiplier will be just that. You get 5 review points and 1 point for turning in the verification form stating that you've taken the online nursing session (this is on the ADN website under Information Session...go through it, answer the questions at the end and print out the form).

    For example, if an applicant has a 3.7 GPA (from all nursing pre- and co-reqs), that would be multiplied by 10 (number of pre- and co-reqs taken)= 37 + HESI score of 10 = 47+ 5 review points and 1 point for info session= 53 total points.

    According to the in-person nursing info session the cutoff for the past few semesters have been 52-53....but I guess will find out soon enough.

    Hope that helps!
  9. by   annbananz
    Hey Brooke.ACC,

    Were you able to use a calculator during the HESI or was one provided for you? I'm making sure I know the math portion without using a calculator....just in case.

  10. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    YES, you are able to use a calculator and they had a box full of them there for you to use!! I'm pretty sure you can bring your own with you too, so if you had one you practiced with, i would bring that one.

    And don't forget that you have to bring your receipt from the ACC's cashiers office for the $40 you paid. They check for it before you enter.

    And they didn't tell us this in the information email, but write down your evolve username and password and bring that with you too. They have a list of everyone's i think, but i was able to login using my full name and email, but it would just be easier to write it down before you go and have it ready.

    I am getting so excited to apply!! The cutoff for 52 just seems really low, doesnt it?? I mean, everyone in my class was obsessed with getting A's in everything it seemed? If you had all A's, you would get 56 points.

    I have a 3.9X10=39, HESI=10, 1 info+5 review=6....Total=55

    I have a feeling I will be starting in the spring! Hopefully we all get in!!!
  11. by   annbananz
    Just took the test and I'm glad that's over and done with....Can't wait till tomorrow!
  12. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
  13. by   annbananz
    It's that time again.....

    I'm so excited...I'm waiting till the door opens at 8am so that I can be the first one to turn in my application