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I am sure there are at least a few of us. :spin: I know our potential stalking of the mail man has just begun. I feel pretty good, but am still terrified. Melissa... Read More

  1. by   momto2beauties
    [quote=Zanibo;1930402]Well, I just got mine about 10 minutes ago. I'm on the alternate list though

    I'm sorry you got on the alternate list, frankly it's just a crappy place to be. I was in your shoes last semester and it's great because you've still got a chance but hard because you really still don't know anything. My best advice to you would be to make an appointment with JoNell Mitchell. Even though she may not tell you where you are on the list (which I just don't understand), she will give you an idea of what your chances might be of getting in. She has a copy of the master list and can see where you are.

    I did not get my letter as of yet, so I'm assuming it will be here on Monday.

    Good luck to the rest that are waiting!
  2. by   Bakers4pack
    WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I got in!!!!!
  3. by   momto2beauties
    Congratulations!!! What an achievement!

    For whatever reason, I still haven't gotten my letter. Either our mailperson is a little slow on the draw (which would definitely not surprise me), or when I called to change my address with them earlier this semester it didn't get changed in all the appropriate places and now my letter is stuck somewhere in the mail forwarding system. FUN! LOL
  4. by   Zanibo
    Oh my gosh!! I am so happy for you! :hatparty: Send some of that good karma my way!!
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    Congrats.....this is a happy day......I am applying in Jan and I'm going ..Period end of story..So Ill see ya in class...

    Quote from Bakers4pack
    WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I got in!!!!!
  6. by   momto2beauties
    I got in too!
  7. by   Bakers4pack
    Quote from momto2beauties
    I got in too!


    But you're still taking the UTA spot, right?

  8. by   momto2beauties
    Yes, so that's one more spot available!
  9. by   Zanibo
    Woo hoo! Hopefully that's my spot :chuckle

    Seriously though, huge congrats on UTA!
  10. by   txspadequeenRN
    congrats to those who got B^#*&'s just kidding...
  11. by   JaxiaKiley
    Congrats everyone who got in!
  12. by   Zanibo
    For those who got in...when is the cutoff date for you to accept or decline? Just wondering so I have a timeframe of when they might be calling on some alternates. Also, for anyone who has been on the alternate list and gotten do they contact you? Is it by letter again or do they call you? I've already checked the mail 3 times today and I don't know how much longer I can take this!!!
  13. by   momto2beauties
    I believe the deadline is December 4th, so I would assume that they would start calling alternates sometime next week. However, they might have already started as decline letters have come in. I would think that they would call you rather than sending a letter so that you have as much time as possible to get ready.

    Did you meet with anyone there to see where you might be on the list?