Anyone applying for Tomball 07

  1. I just want to see whose applying for Fall of 07 and maybe get an idea of the total points for some. Thanks and good luck
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  3. by   sbyramRN
    Well, I am not applying for Tomball, but I did just start my first semester at Cy Fair, and my total points was 11.448....Hope this info might help you some.
  4. by   atrice
    I'm not applying, but I applied to Montgomery college (in the nhmccd district) and got in for Fall 06. My points were 11.74....the cutoff at Montgomery for 06 was around 11.5. Montgomery has 30 seats and Tomball has around 40, so the competition (or odds) of getting into both of these schools is about the same. Good luck
  5. by   natthomas
    I am applying at Tomball and my points are 7.7 and the rest is going to come from the Hesi test. I am so nervous. If any one can tell me the cut off for Tomball last year that would be great. Thanks in advance
  6. by   sbyramRN
    to the previous poster: If you score perfectly on the HESI, your score will come up to a 8.7, and I don't think that will get you in. Like another poster stated, most cutoffs are around 11 or even higher. I know when I went to the Tomball info session a couple years back, they said the lowest they accepted that year was like an 11.2.... I applied to the Cy Fair program this summer for their fall attmitance, and I had a 10.448 and did not get in or even get put on the alternate list. By all means, apply, but keep finishing up your prereqs and concentrate on getting A's in the three classes they use to calculate GPA.... Hope I helped some.
  7. by   natthomas
    I thought that your total points for the test by itself is 4 points. So if I score a perfect score that would be 4 points add to the 7.7, giving me a total of 11.7. I know I wouldn't have a perfect score but a good chance of making at least a 85 on both reading and math. If so that would lead me to having maybe somewhere around 10. something. I have for the GPA 3.7 and 4 points for total amount of credits completed. I am at the end of classes left to take for a BSN program 4 classes left. If I don't get in I will apply to all BSN programs next year. I only have 4 B's on my transcipt since I started in 04 and have a total of 54 credits. I don't know I guess I just have to wait to see what happens. I have applied already to other schools for a backup. Thanks for any and all advice, everything helps bad or good
  8. by   Krissyone
    I just got my acceptance letter for North Harris college! woohoo
  9. by   natthomas
    I would just like to say con. grads.. Good luck with the program.:spin:
  10. by   Krissyone
    Natthomas- Thanks - Good luck with the BSN program! I wish I would've went that route too, but I didnt take all the prereq's
  11. by   nurseingrid
    i got my acceptance letter from Tomball Friday...lots of work ahead
  12. by   Krissyone
    Hey guys,

    I got into North Harris for this Fall and I am taking Pharm over the summer through distance learning @ Montgomery . I just got my book and I am freaking out-- how hard was this class? Any advice? help lol
  13. by   natthomas
    I took it at North Harris and it was hard and demanding. I had a lecture exam and math exam on the same day when time to test. I had something like 3 chapters of math homework plus tons of reading every week. I met only once a week for 5 hours. I had discussions online about 2 every week. I had to do research as well. The worst part is if you are rusty on math it will be hard. My professor never taught the math part. She wanted us to learn independent and if you didn't understand something instead of helping she referred you to tutoring. The class is not so difficult that you can not pass but does keep you on your toes. The key is not to get behind on anything especially your reading. The class test were on the computer and the math pencil and paper. I hope this helps. One more thing I had a B average in the class but pass with a C because the smallest mistake with your math even if you understand how to solve. points were taken off leaving me with the C. Ex: If the question ask for how many grams? When answering don't just give the number write grams beside it even though the question clearly stated how many grams. Simple things such as that brought my average down. Good luck. You can survive.