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Is there anyone else out there who has applied to Cy Fair or Kingwood College for their ADN-RN progam for Spring 2006 ? Today, September 15th was the application deadline.... Read More

  1. by   texancanadian
    Havent checked my mail yet but will as soon as I get hope. Who sent you the letter - Cy Fair or Kingwood ?
  2. by   Cutienurse2be
    Kingwood.. Good luck to you!!
  3. by   Magsulfate
    I graduated from Tomball College ADN in 2003. I don't remember what kind of points I had when I got in, but I know that even in the last few years it has gotten a lot tougher to get into any of the ADN programs in Houston. All I can say is, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Apply to ALL of the ADN programs in Houston. There are several. NHMCCD, HCC, San Jac... they all have several.
  4. by   kellygirl_tx
    Hello, I'm currently waiting, like many others, for a letter from Kingwood College.....I went to the Nursing dept. today to find out the status of the letters and was told that letters were sent out to anyone that scored less than 11 points. Anyone with 11 points or higher is still up for consideration. RUMOR has it as well, (but don't get your hopes up) that the dept. is discussing about accepting more applicants than the intended who knows......let's keep our fingers crossed and our hopes high........good luck everyone!
  5. by   Cutienurse2be
    Does anyone have a clue where CyFair closed at for spring?
  6. by   kellygirl_tx
    Hey everyone! Letters should be arriving to ya'll today! I recieved my acceptance letter today. Hip hip hooray! My point score was 11.468 (for future reference). I wish the best to everyone else and congrats to the new class. Kelly
  7. by   Cutienurse2be
    Congratulations girl!! Thats great!! I know your excited! please keep us posted on how it goes!!

  8. by   sbyramRN
    I applied at Cy Fair for my first choice and Kingwood as my second. Cy Fair supposedly mailed out their letters today (Monday 11-6). My score was an 11.448, so I am really hoping I get in. If not, I am going to pursue a different route.

  9. by   texancanadian
    Hi I have an 11.56 and also have Cy Fair as my 1st choice and Kingwood as my 2nd. I sure hope I get in too.
    I eagerly went and checked my mail today after realing Kelly's post and was disspointed at seeing no letter. Hopefully one will come soon.
    Does anyone remember KC's class timings ?

  10. by   sbyramRN
    well, it seems that if someone got into Kingwood with a lower score than you had, then you most likely got into Cy Fair. Wouldn't you think? I would think that both schools would go through and take their top scores then they would give first pick to those with the highest then second choice to the next highest range regardless of who they put down as their second or first choice. I just emailed cy fair and they said they only send letters out to their first choice applications-not their second. I am a nervous wreck over this! I got into HCC's program but hated their pharmacology class so much I decided that I wouldn't be able to handle their staff or instruction and decided against it!
  11. by   texancanadian
    I went to HCC's orientation and everything seemed so unorganized I decided not to apply there.
    When I applied for admission to both Cy Fair and Kingwood last year for Spring 2006 I received a rejection letter from both (my points were much lower). I thought if both send rejection letters seperately they may do so for acceptance too (what if someone changes their mind after applying on their 1st and 2nd option - are they stuck ? )
  12. by   sbyramRN
    I am guessing so. I live in the Memorial area and the thought of driving to Kingwood every day is insane! I am desperate, though. I used to live in Tomball and my original intention was to apply at Tomball and The Woodlands, but we moved before I got the chance. I just finished all my prereqs this summer, and that is why I finally decided to apply at Cy-Fair for Spring 2007. I was rejected for the fall of 2006, but I only had a 10.448 at the time. I took my last class I needed to get me to where I am at now. I asked Cy Fair what their minimum score was for accpetance for the Spring, but she eluded that part of my question! I am hoping we will know either way by tomorrow!
  13. by   texancanadian
    I wish you the very best. Dont loose hope because when the BSN programs send out their acceptance letters many will jump ship and new openings will open up.
    Another option for you just in Case is Wharton County Junior College. It is on 59 S way past Sugarland. For you it may be a drive but I believe its much easier to get in.