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I am wondering if there is anyone here who has applied to Brookhaven CC's ADN program for next year or who has attended or graduated from this school. I applied for their pilot Summer 2007 program,... Read More

  1. by   lexcourben
    Hi Kalmeira,

    Congratulations!!!! They're still trying to figure out some things with this new class so don't worry about being too far behind. We're only going to do one skills class for the whole semester, RNSG 1105. There wasn't enough time to cover both skills classes in one semester. The skills classes will be on Mon or Tues either 8-11 or 12-3. Since this is a short week due to the MLK holiday the Mon. am class is to meet Wed. morning and the Mon. pm class will meet on Thurs. morning. Next week it goes back to the regular schedule.

    If you'd like PM me with your email address and I can forward the emails we've received from Ann.
  2. by   kalmeira
    Thanks! I still don't know what day my lab is going to be, I'm going up to the school tommorow to see if I can confirm my acceptance and get a lab time. I will really only have 1 option, I'll have to take whatever the lab was of the person who dropped. Hopefully some nursing staff will be there tommorow.
    Thanks for the offer, but I already got all the e-mails from BabyRN2B_09. :spin: Well, maybe I'll see you in lab!
  3. by   joshuaha
    Congrats to all of you who got in to the program! I have been in Brookhaven's nursing program since fall 06. I graduate this December! YEAH!!! I can't wait. All of you are so right about Brookhaven having a great faculty. I have heard terrible stories about other nursing programs in the area and you will not hear anything like that coming from Brookhaven. All of the teachers are there for your success, not theirs. They will do anything they can to help you. If you guys have any questions feel free to email or PM me and I will give you any advice I can. Again, good job!

    Josh :spin:
  4. by   coolpeach

    I am a prenursing student, and plan on applying at Brookhaven in the fall. I have a question what is the avg number of points that someone in the top 40 who make it into the program gets in with. I am just trying to get an idea of where I am at, and what I need to work on.

  5. by   joshuaha
    It is varies greatly with each class. I would say the average number of points was around 28-30. Remember though, points only get you into the top 60. It is the interview that determines if you get in or not. Try to do the best on your HESI. This is where the majority of your points are going to come from. ALso, take as many support courses as you can. Extra science courses are worth 2 points and all the other courses are worth one. Check out the website for detailed ranking info. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

  6. by   kalmeira
    Actually I believe they did away with the whole interview thing, and the top 40 applicants points-wise get in. The average points required depends on how many applied. I applied for fall 2006 with 23 points and didn't get an interview. The second time I applied for the summer 2007 I had 31 points, but I know some who had 17-19 points got interviews, but I don't know if anybody with that many points got in or not. Not alot of people applied for the summer. Also that was the top 60, but you need to be in the top 40, so it's hard to say.
    I would recommend that if there are any support classes you need that can be taken in the summer II to take them now so you can get the extra points. Every little bit helps, and good luck! If you have any questions feel free to ask. :spin:
  7. by   coolpeach
    I looked on Webb site, and it looks as if the max number of points is 42. That includes 4.0 GPA from A's on all four of the main pre reqs, 13 points for having completed all the support courses possible, 25 points max if you get a perfect 100 on the Hesi. Of course if you apply the second time you get 3 extra review points for a total of 45, and the third the extra points would get you 48.

    Currently I have a GPA on the four main courses of 3.7 because I made a B in Chemistry. I have taken all the support courses *except* dosage calc, end of life, and patho for a total of 9 points. This gives me 12.5 points plus what I make on the hesi. The max number of points I could make would be 37.7. and thats if I got a perfect 100 on Hesi. Do you think I stand a chance on getting in? How hard is the hesi? I ordered my book, and it should be here by Tues, and I have until Aug 28 to study.

    After I apply in the fall I am taking End of life issues, patho, and retaking Chem for an A. So when if I need to reapply I will have a 4.0 GPA on the main courses, 12 points on the support courses, 3 review points, and whatever I make on the Hesi for a max total of 44 points.

    I will apply in Aug 2007, when is the next app period after that? Is it twice a year or only once?

    P.S. All you girls who have gone through the program, have been though the app process, etc please feel free to give me any information you think would be helpful. Things you wish you would have done, things you would do differently now that you know more etc. I would be grateful for any useful information. Way to go to all those who made it...I envy you.
  8. by   kalmeira
    I think you stand a great chance of getting in. You will have most of the support classes done, which is great. That is where alot of the points comes from. I'm not sure when the next application period would be. The plan was for brookhaven to admit a class every semester, alternating between one semester at brookhaven, and one at the satelite program at mountainview. However there were some problems at mountainview, and the class that was supposed to start in the fall will be starting in the spring, so I don't know how that changes it. I would keep an eye on the website for information about when the next application would be. (Though I don't think you will need to worry about that )

    The Hesi is really not too hard. It is basic math, simple medical terminology, basic reading skills and comprehesion and atatomy. The atatomy was the hardest part for me because I had not completed A&P II when I took it. I would recommend reviewing your anatomy as that is the only part that isn't predominately common sense. I'm sure you will do great on it!

    I don't know if it is nessesary to take chemestry again, as that will only raise your score by .3, and the margin is really not that narrow with the application points. ( I had a B in chemistry too ) Better to take dosage instead as that will give you 1 point. The GPA is not a very big factor in the points, the biggest thing is the HESI and the support classes.

    Good luck! :spin:

    PS. I bet you could actuallly take that dosage in summer II and that would give you 1 extra point when you turn in your application in the fall. They are starting to register for summer II now.
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  9. by   coolpeach
    I wanted to take Dosage Calc in the fall, but it is impossible. There are only two classes being offered. One is at Brookhaven at the exact same time as End of life Issues (2 pts), and the other starts thirty minutes after at another campus about an hour away so there is no way I could get there in time. I ended up having to choose between either End of life which is two points or Dosage Calc which is one.
  10. by   jla623
    Can anyone possibly tell me how many applicants there were for the summer 2007 program??
  11. by   lexcourben
    No definite numbers but it was between 100 and 150 applicants for the Summer '07. I was talking to the secretary the other day and she said there were around 230 applicants this time around. I had heard there were around 400 applications but Ann said she didn't get that many.

    How many points did you have if you don't mind me asking?
  12. by   jla623
    Well, originally I thought that I had 34.25 points, but it turns out that I actually only have 33 points. I am just worried because there are so many applicants! My points could mean absolutely nothing if there are that many. What do you think?

    I wish that I had all of my prerequisites done, but I am lacking Spanish for Medical Personnel (which I am currently taking) and End of Life Issues.
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  13. by   kalmeira
    Oh don't worry, I think you'll be just fine. Even though your class has more applicants, 33 was like the very high end of the points range for ours, not alot of people had that many points.
    Also, I heard (but can't say for sure) that the class before us which had about the same amount of applicants as yours had a cut off range of like 24. I remember this because I had 23 and was so close! Just be glad you don't have interviews, that's the worst. The amount of points you had didn't matter at the interview point.
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