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What do you about the Texas nurse arrested on two charges of capital? Also aren't you sick of all these kids coming up missing and murded? What is the world coming to? Who in they right mind would want to harm the sick and children?!!!!:o :o :( It just makes me mad!!!!


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I agree whole-heartedly...It has to be a mental illness a best. I can't understand how someone can train for so long to help people and turn around and hurt them...have to be mental!




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This makes me want to scream!!!!!! AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!! Does not Compute!!!!!!!



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i wished i had an answer as to why people harm other people. it makes me sad :o


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I saw today the nurse's lawyer stating the nurse has her reasons and her defense...it will be interesting to hear. Were these patients lives intolerable and their quality of life poor? Did they ask her to help end their lives?

Not that any of this is justification...but to a sick mind it might be . I'm thinking of Dr. Kavorkian and his assisted suicides...

It will be an interesting trial. I recall another nurse in Texas who administered paralytics to pedi patients...then resuscitated them...her goal was to prove a pedi intensive care unit was essential in their hospital.

Sick minds work strangely, don't they? (((shudder)))


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It is scary, isn't it? I can't even count how many patients I have cared for over the years who had no quality of life and were suffering. Many were suffering at the hands of their families who just weren't ready to let go. These people would have been better off dead. Thank God the absolute vast majority of us have scruples enough to do no harm and play God. Sometimes I wonder why these family members hate the patient so much that they want to see this horrific suffering and total lack of dignity. I've even had family members get huffy about us giving pain meds. I don't let them dictate what I deem necessary except about end of life decisions. Up until that plug is legally pulled, I do whatever I feel the patient needs (with MD orders of course) to ease their pain.

And these cases with the kids is just so sick! Just as sick, if you ask me, as anyone, health care person or not, that kills someone incapable of fighting back for themselves like many of the patients all of us treat. It is a sick world out there.


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Look at what that man did to that 7 week old kitten. Put it in a grill and bar-b-q it. People stood watching it.. that happened this week. The kitten ended up being put to sleep cause it was burned so bad.

How can anybody be cruel to the elderly, children, and animals. She deserves what she gets. I know that is mean but I am sorry. What goes around comes around 10 times fold.


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:o This is absolutely horrible but as I learned from psychology, many of the nurses and doctors who do this sort of thing do it because they feel they are easing the patient's suffering. Somehow they have come to the conclusion that what they are doing is righteous and they are the only ones who have the "strength" to do it. It's a sick mind. I don't condone it but I do understand that they are suffering under some terrible delusion. I hope she does get punished to the full extent of the law. It's always terrible to hear of another nurse who has harmed a patient. Makes the whole profession look bad and the public mistrust us. We are healers not killers. The other awful case is the nurse who turned herself in yesterday for using patient's demerol to inject herself and refilling the syringes with normal saline to administer to the patients. She's HIV +. Unfreakinbelievable. Will it ever end?

Now about the people that hurt animals like that guy described in the previous post, as an animal lover (my babies!) it makes me so mad and sick to my stomach. I hope the law punishes him and all those onlookers who did nothing to stop it. Bastards! :imbar sorry.

Okay, I'll stop. Thanks for listening. To all my fellow nurses and caring others, God bless y'all for doing your best in the face of such a horrible world. :kiss


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According to the news about the kitten he got out on a 10,000 bond. The woman who saved the kitten got 3rd degree burns on her hands and arms.

The post above states we are healers not criminals. How can we gain people's trust anymore. Especially kids. They will be afraid to talk to anybody now.


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Patients and visitors are already so paranoid about what IV meds we shoot into the lines...More and more frequently they suspiciously demand to know exactly what it is and what it's for and even document it in a booklet with my name...I've even heard "I talked to Dr. Bob today and he didn't say ANYTHING about any new medication for Dad..." Yah, like the doc tells the family every little detail...LOL!

Now I can see these types of suspicions from the public get worse. :(


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The nurse probably has munchausim by proxy a mental illness. That is what the nurse in texas had who killed multiple children in NICU. The world is a scarey place. From the little 5 year old to the kitten. I can't understand how anyone can hurt any living thing especially such defensless little ones. My heart goes out to this little girl and her family, to animals treated so inhumanely, to other children, adults etc who have been treated this way. We all have to be like the woman who risked her hands being burned by grabbing the kitten off the grill. We also need to help watch out for other peoples children and loved ones like we'd want our own treated.


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Isn't it manditory that the be patient be told what medicines are being given him?


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