Texas BON Nursing Exam App w/speeding ticket


Hello Everyone - I am graduating (God willing) in December and am filling out my application to take an exam on BON's website. In the Criminal History portion, at the bottom it says, "(You may only exclude Class C misdemeanor traffic violations or offenses previously disclosed to the Texas Board of Nursing on an initial or renewal application). Well, I've never completed an application before and I got a speeding ticket in March '16. Does this mean I have to answer yes to "been convicted of a misdemeanor?" and be ineligible to fill out my application online?

I am going to call BON tomorrow, but wanted to see if any of you had the answer to this.

This is confusing and I don't want to be deceptive on my application.


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You would need to verify whether your speeding ticket was a Class C misdemeanor or something else. This site discusses class C misdemeanors in TX and the list includes "most traffic tickets".