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I currently am a nurse (LPN) who has recently graduated and will soon start classes to get my ADN. I think I finally got my fiance' into the idea that once my fiance' and I graduate (he's going for his paramedic) to moving from Missouri to Wyoming. :yeah:

I spent a good part of my growing up years in Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs Colorado and we frequently visited Wyoming. When the big D happened between my parents my mother decided that she wanted to move back to family in Missouri and have been here ever since.:bugeyes: He grew up in Missouri but is in the scouts and spent a few trips in the summer in the mountains out west, so he personally knows the beauty and realizes why I miss the west.

I know the cost of living vs the pay rates is almost unbelievable in CO. and was wondering if it's the same there. Can anybody give us information about cost of living vs. pay rates. I know it's dependent on the area as is everywhere. I'm wondering what the outlook for housing and jobs for a RN and firefighter/Paramedic would be. I want to be more in the 'burbs or further if possible (I Know that sounds kinda like an oxymoron for out there but you know what I mean). I'm not looking to live large or anything like that. I dearly miss being out west and winter here in Missery is just really bringing me down.:o

Thank You in advance. :bow:


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Whatever you do you probably want to stay away from Cheyenne. The hospital has a very bad reputation and attitude toward its staff. Just my opinion and experience.

Wyoming's "problem" if you will is housing. With the huge influx due to the enrgy boom, housing is squeezed tight.

In Rawlins you can get a single wide on a plot slightly larger tha the trailer for $45 - 60K, rents for 800 sq. ft apt run $900 - $1700 per month. Pay at Carbon County Medical Center for nurses starts around $21 per hour.

Rock Springs would be better for housing but I don't know much about the facility.

Sheridan is supposed to be nice but again housing is outrageous. I don't know a thing about the hospital.

Wyoming Medical Center in Casper has a better reputation and people I know have really liked it there. Slightly less drastic for housing.

Wheatland has a Banner hospital.

Lander and Riverton are up in Wind River country where it's awe inspiring beautiful and not too far from Thermopolis. Plenty of summer and winter recreation and still a short drive to Yellowstone.

Personally, I think Wyoming is great and if you stay well north of the I-80 corridor you generally don't get as much of the wind Wyoming is known for.

There are other jobs for LPNs/RNs in Wyoming too, but they are very profession specific. Some of them pay quite well.

Oh, forgot to add: I found Wyoming pay higher with cost of living less than Colorado. Good combination.

Good luck on your move.


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Even though information on this site is a little dated, I found it very informative for checking out the cost of living, housing, population, ect, before moving to Wyoming.

Just type in the city, state or county of a place that you may be interested in and compare it to other areas or where you currently reside.


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I would second a lot of what fizz2Nurse has to say about Wyoming in general. As for Cheyenne, it's not a terrible place. Yes, the hospital and their administration is questionable (to say the least). However, if you are looking to work as a nurse outside of the hospital, there are some pretty decent options. I work as an RN in a large multispecialty doctor's practice. The pay is very competitive and the work is great--I utilize many of the skills that I would in a hospital environment without the politics and poor work conditions.

We also have a VA facility, some LTC, and different clinics/doctor's offices. However, it sounds like you would like to be off of the beaten track so you may have a preference for some of the more outlying towns in Wyoming.

Hope this helps...feel free to PM me anytime with questions.


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Hi guys, I realize this is an older post, but was woundering if anyone could give me some reviews on Sheridan hospital? I am doing a search and not coming up with much. I am looking at a travel nurse assignment there for icu. Any information would be helpful to me, I am from IL. I have never seen the mountains so I thought it might be a neat experience..also though at this time of the winter I question what the snow is like there? THanks Sarah

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Sheridan is a beautiful town, i don't know anything about the hospital. The problem with Sheridan however is that they are experiencing a severe 'housing crunch,' as are many other towns in wyo. It is very hard to find rentals. Before accepting a contract I would make very certain that housing arrangements have been made.


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If you want the mountains, Sheridan is at the base of them! You will have opportunity to take some beautiful drives.

I have heard good things about the facility there, but, I am a Wyoming native so haven't experienced "big hospitals"...not sure what you're used to as far as census, patient load, having more than 10 doctors... :)


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Thanks for the replies! They were able to find housing for me, and I accepted the contract. So to Sheridan I will go, in a couple weeks. I look forward to it! I have never been in the mountains before, so it will be a neat experience. I hope I can adapt to the winter conditions there... should be interesting! Thanks again, Sarah

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Sara - good luck with your sheridan contract and keep us posted on what you think of sheridan and the hospital!

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