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Krismisstree specializes in Medicaid Waiver eval.

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  1. Relocating to MN--part time work available?

    Can you explain what a "casual" employee is? I have seen those on employment websites, but am unfamiliar with the term--we don't have those here in Wyoming!
  2. What area of public health do you work in?

    I can tell you that all our county's school nurses report to the principal as their supervisor--not another nurse! It may just be the "western, rural Wyoming" feel but the nurse is her own island in the school. In my town of 25000, we have 2 full t...
  3. Looking to move any ideas?

    I grew up in Gillette and did my nursing residency at the hospital there--Campbell County Memorial Hospital. I LOVED IT. It's 2 hours away from Rapid City--not sure what part of SD your family is in. However, I LOVED the hospital in Gillette--your...
  4. Testing the waters

    If you want the mountains, Sheridan is at the base of them! You will have opportunity to take some beautiful drives. I have heard good things about the facility there, but, I am a Wyoming native so haven't experienced "big hospitals"...not sure wha...
  5. Student with a Questions

    My alma matter, University of Wyoming, has a 15-month 2nd bachelor's BSN program which includes community health as a part of the curriculum. In Wyoming, anyway, to be a PHN (public health nurse) you only need to have a BS with an RN (so ADN would w...
  6. What area of public health do you work in?

    I do LTC waiver assessments and NF placement assessments--in Wyoming it's called "LT-101" form. However I am just a contract nurse working 8 hours/week max doing the LT-101's; most of the other RNs in my PH office do maternal/child health, travel an...
  7. My family may be relocating to the Woodbury/Stillwater/Hudson WI area from the state of Wyoming this spring, and I am interested in limited hour work. I graduated BSN in May 08 and passed NCLEX-RN in June; I have been working in public health as a c...