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Registered nurse working on a general surgery (postop) floor. Currently in the process of attaining my BSN.

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  1. NurseSDP

    Funny: Emergency Department tips

    That is the best laugh I've had all day. Thanks!
  2. NurseSDP

    Can RNs conduct cardiac stress tests?

    I don't have a good answer for you, but I will definitely be watching this thread. There has been talk at the office I work at (large doctor's group practice) about just this thing. We've not gotten a good answer back from the state board of nursing yet. Will be interesting to see what they say.
  3. NurseSDP

    I saved my brother's life last night....

    Your brother was very fortunate to have you in the right place at the right time. Kudos for you for keeping calm and doing what needed to be done in a very scary situation. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing a successful recovery to your brother.
  4. NurseSDP

    Testing the waters

    I would second a lot of what fizz2Nurse has to say about Wyoming in general. As for Cheyenne, it's not a terrible place. Yes, the hospital and their administration is questionable (to say the least). However, if you are looking to work as a nurse outside of the hospital, there are some pretty decent options. I work as an RN in a large multispecialty doctor's practice. The pay is very competitive and the work is great--I utilize many of the skills that I would in a hospital environment without the politics and poor work conditions. We also have a VA facility, some LTC, and different clinics/doctor's offices. However, it sounds like you would like to be off of the beaten track so you may have a preference for some of the more outlying towns in Wyoming. Hope this helps...feel free to PM me anytime with questions.
  5. NurseSDP

    We lost one of our own this morning

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your coworker. In my thoughts and prayers....
  6. NurseSDP

    Why not let me have a PCA?

    That is absolutely horrible! At the hospital I was working at we received post-hysterectomy patients on our floor with either an epidural running or a PCA started (sometimes both). They were also started on routine doses of IV Toradol day of surgery and first day postop and went home on an oral narcotic of some kind. Sounds like this hospital needs a little education on appropriate pain management--a hysterectomy is a major surgery and appropriate pain relief medications are vital to the recovery process.
  7. NurseSDP

    How about a thread for baby names you liked?

    Like many folks here I like the name I gave to my son--Ethan Nicholas. I liked Nicholas for a name, but didn't care much for most of the nicknames for it so it became a middle name. When I was pregnant I just really liked the name Ethan--thought it wasn't incredibly common but also not completely "out there". It ended up being one of the most popular boy's names for 2002 (the year he was born). I did consider Brendan Joseph and also liked the name Jaden. Should I ever have a girl I've considered Madelyn Cherisse. I have a cousin named Charis (pronounced CARE-is) and it's a pretty name. She comes from a big family and all the names are Biblical derivations (Jared, Josiah, Gabriel, Hannah, Rachel, and Jacob are her siblings' names). They're pregnant with #8 now and it will be interesting to see what they come up with.
  8. NurseSDP

    Extra-long scrubs - know of any online vendors?

    Another vote for the Cherokee brand scrub pants. I wear them, and they're almost TOO long. Unusual for us long legs folks. :) Try Allheart.com, they carry them and at a pretty reasonable price.
  9. NurseSDP

    Family members as patients on your unit

    Having worked on a general surgery floor in the only hospital in our town, family members as patients was relatively common. We tried to keep it as appropriate diagnosis oriented as we could, i.e. fresh postop patients, but due to high admission rates to our facility and the overflow issue, it wasn't always possible. My dad has even been on our floor as a patient when he had his hernia repair surgery, and it was no big deal. I just refrained from being his direct care nurse, limited any extensive visiting to when I was off the clock, and kept out of his chart. He didn't ask for any special treatment and felt that overall his care was good. I don't think it was uncomfortable or became an issue to anyone.
  10. NurseSDP

    The most embarrasing thing you've done at work!

    I have to ask--why would you put an applicator in someone's rectum when inserting a Foley? You know it's not going to go in there. Now I could possibly see using something to differentiate the vagina and urethra on a female when inserting a Foley cath. They're a little easier to mix up.
  11. NurseSDP

    Cheyenne nurses?

    Hi all...I currently work as an RN at UMC on the surgical floor. Starting wages for a brand new grad run at about $19.75/hr. Differentials are 8% of your base rate for time worked between 3-11 pm and 12% of your base rate for time worked 11p-7a. You also tend to make raises fairly often (at least annually) in my experience. If I can be of any more help, just ask!
  12. NurseSDP

    Nursing Board Review Book

    Saunders is an excellent resourse...very well written. When I was studying for my PN boards, I used Mosby's NCLEX-PN review book. It is well written, separated into categories (nutrition, pediatrics, mother-baby, etc) and comes with a study CD which was also helpful.
  13. NurseSDP

    What Would YOU Like??

    Perhaps a gift certificate to a good local restaurant...good way for her and her husband to have a night out. Or offer to take her out to lunch one day.
  14. NurseSDP

    Age Check

    One of the great things about nursing is the fact that you will find people of all ages and backgrounds, and each person has something unique to contribute to the field. I am 23, will turn 24 after I graduate in May. Most of the time I feel my age, some days twice that--nursing school and a toddler will do it to you :chuckle But nursing is what I love, and what I have always known to be my path in life. Determination and the desire to make it through count more than how old you are. Best of luck.
  15. Something that has served me well through my time in nursing school...learn the basics of the skills you will perform in your job as a nurse, from bedmaking to vitals to IV therapy, and practice, practice, practice! It will make you feel more at ease when the time comes to perform a skill on a real patient if you feel as though you have some idea of what you are doing. Also, take advantage of your role as a student and spend time getting to know your patient, even if it is just through friendly conversation. They will notice and appreciate it, and when the time comes to be out in the "real world" working as a nurse, you'll wish you had that kind of time to do that. I'm currently an LPN (as of June 2003) and working on my last year of nursing school, to graduate may 2004. Best of luck to all of you!
  16. NurseSDP

    Having trouble hearing with stethoscope

    Great suggestions so far....may also be worth spending some time in a uniform shop if you should have one nearby to try out several different models/brands of scopes. Take someone with you to try finding heart/breath sounds on. There really isn't one set brand of "good" stethescopes; each person has a preference on what works for them.