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I'd say "Why do you say that; are you having any symptoms now?

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These two questions aren't "What is the best answer?" but rather "Which answer sucks the least?" J/K, sort of.

I chose A for Q1 and B for Q2.

I think this means I'm ready for my certification exam! YAY!


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Glad my questions could spark such a debate.going back to page one though to choose A is to assume the patient ate peanuts. I was also tought specifically in this exact class and was repeated many times "NEVER ASSUME!!!"

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Yea That's a good rationale but here's another question. An 81 year old postop patient is being admitted to an assisted care facility. The patient states "I will never be able to go home" what is the most therapeutic response? A. A lot of older patients get admitted to assistive care. B. what makes you think you will be there permanently? C. Assistive care can be very beneficial for your age group. D. I'm willing to bet that you actually enjoy and appreciate this facility once you get there.

None of the above. All are terrible responses.


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