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terrified about my new job


Hey all,

I'm a new grad and I got a job as an Lvn "charge nurse" I'll be working the 11p to 7a shift :/

I found out that between the hours of 11&3 I will be the only nurse on the floor for station 1&2 that in all equals around 64 patients I'll be caring for. There is an Rn on staff at station 3, but I'm absolutely terrified! It feels overwhelming. I only get 2 days of orientation then I'm on my own on Saturday night...anyone have any advice?

No advice, but I will be sending good thoughts your way every night at 11pm!

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Make sure you get to know the RN who will be your supervisor. You need to be comfortable enough to call him/her for advice or backup when you come across something that is beyond your capabilities. Make sure you are familiar with policies and procedures & other references so that you can look them up when you need them.

Best of luck to you!

I would also work on building a good rapport with the nurse on station 3.

Thank you for the advice, the Rn I'll be working with has been pretty horrible to me...that seems to be the way it goes around this place. I'm still not comfortable enough to just be thrown in by myself on Saturday. Should I talk to the Don (mind you she's not the nicest person either)?

Yes, talk to the DON. 2 days for a new grad is not completely unheard of, but not the best practice either. It's skimpy. Approach and ask for at least a day or two more. If this is a half ways decent employer, they should oblige. Good luck and hang in there. You should learn something new and improve every day :)

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Wow I would be terrified as well! I'm just starting at a SNF and will be working 11P-7A shift as well. I will be getting a 5 day orientation, and if needed, they will extend it to 10 days. My floor will only have 13-15 pts and I was told at most will be 20.