Nashville Hospitals

  1. I am new to the Nashville area and would like to know which hospitals do you like to work as a nurse, b/c I don't know much about the hospitals in the Nashville areas.
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I am from Nashville and when I worked agency as a tech, the nurses seemed happy at Vanderbilt Stallworth Hospital. It's across the street from the children's hospital. I was on a Neuro floor and the n-p ratio seemed ok and the nurse even had time to do rounds with me, so it didn't look too bad. The agency nurse there seemed to like it as well.
  4. by   mmutk
    I am moving to nashville soon and am curious about this also... specifically the ED
  5. by   loafin'
    I work at Centennial Medical Center and love it. It is a 600+ bed hospital and I work in the 32 bed MSICU. They also have a CVIVU and CCU. The ED nurses and floor nurses seem to like their job too. I haven't heard otherwise. Usually people are happy or you will definately hear about it.
  6. by   photonurse11
    Vandy all the way. It is a great place to work and lots of areas to choose from!!
  7. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Photonurse - any idea what new grad pay is currently at Vandy? I work in Memphis but hubby wants me to check out Nashville for when I graduate...he misses the city life over there (we live about halfway right now)
  8. by   Mommy TeleRN
    or loafin..also any idea what Centennial starts new grads? Pay has gone up in Memphis..not sure if it's gone up in Nashville or not.
  9. by   loafin'
  10. by   rn1233
    Anyone know which hospitals in Nashville, TN are "travel nurse" friendly in critical care or if any of the hospitals even take travel nurses?
  11. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I have another Nashville question - anyone know if any of the hospitals offer a dorm room or discount hotel for staff nurses who live a distance? I have heard of some hospitals that have litlte dorm facilities for like $20 night. Would love to find that as we want to stay in our small town.
  12. by   loafin'
    At Centennial if you live >50 miles you can stay at a hotel for $10/night and the hospital pays the rest of the bill, they also have nice apartments for the same rate.
  13. by   tpowell436
    loafin - please inlighten us to the perks at your hospital. I have heard rumors that sound too good to be true. What about shift diff or extra pay in ICU/CCU or pay difference for Assoc. Degree vs BSN.
  14. by   Mommy TeleRN
    tpowell..what kind of rumors have you heard? lol

    I am halfway between Nashville and Memphis so I'm checking out both. Thought about relocating to Chattanooga but the pay isn't so good. Maybe down the road when I'm not a new grad.