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tpowell436 has 5 years experience and specializes in Neuro, Med/Surg, Longterm care.

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  1. tpowell436

    Weight Gain in Nursing School?

    my whole class of 20 nursing students have gained weight!! We all wear scrubs to school everyday (our school uniform) so it is more difficult to see those extra pounds sneeking up. Scrubs are so much more forgiving than a pair of super low wasted tommy jeans! With finals behind me I hope to shed a few stress pounds before we have to be back on January 8th to do it all over again for one more year. My hubby is going to the desert untill November.....even MORE stress. Someones quote says what does not kill us makes us stronger...it is so true.
  2. tpowell436

    distance ed micro course

    CCCOnline has a great on-line micro class. I took it over the summer and made an A. But be sure you check with your schools registrar to be sure it is accepted. Also the cost is more because unless you are a resident you will pay out of state tuition. Although if you are in a time crunch very much worth the extra cost! It is a 5 credit class 3 lecture and 2 lab if my memory serves me....:Santa1: :mortarboard: BSN graduation December 2007
  3. tpowell436

    Anyone work at Baptist Memphis?

    NurseDiva76 - Where were the good places you have worked? Where are you working now? I will graduate December 2007 BSN from Bethel. I do not know if I will work Memphis/Nashville or Jackson (doubt Jackson) any info would be great!!
  4. tpowell436

    Nashville Hospitals

    loafin - please inlighten us to the perks at your hospital. I have heard rumors that sound too good to be true. What about shift diff or extra pay in ICU/CCU or pay difference for Assoc. Degree vs BSN.
  5. tpowell436

    new grad pay nashville

    I graduate from Bethel December 07 and I am also interested in the pay and perks of all the area hospitals. I have to deside where I want to work soon, my college will arrange a semester long preseptorship with the hospital of my choice. Please pass on any info you can gather. :icon_razz: I am interested in CCU, how about you?
  6. tpowell436

    Pay differential for ICU, CCRN, BSN

    I am very curious about the Hospital you work for...more so now that I have read your last post. My mothers family is from Sikeston/Oran. They want me to move there after graduation (December 2007) I am now about 2 hours from Sikeston going to school at Bethel. (McKenzie Tn) What type of training is offered to new BSN graduates? I have to choose the hospital I want to work for and my school will arrange a preseptorship during my last semester. I will have to drive two hours or so anywhre I deside to work. Does your hospital welcome new grads? Will they offer a good training program? :icon_rolleyes: