For all student externs in the Memphis area...

  1. I am a nursing student in Memphis finishing my first semester, and many students (myself included) are in the process of applying to nurse extern positions now. I was just wondering if other student extern's (current or former) would be willing to share their experiences. There seems to be a lack of information regarding the programs available in Memphis hospitals, and it seems our fellow older students are either tight-lipped or too busy to answer questions! [Not to mention the professors tend to have their opinions of each hospital already set in stone...:uhoh21:] Any information would be appreciated, and I'll be sure to pass your opinions on to my peers.


    1) Where did you extern?
    2) What type of unit(s) were you on? Were you able to work in many different units of the hospital?
    3) How would you rate your experiences there? (Actual work, extern program management, nurses you worked with, ratios, duties, etc).
    4) Do you feel you gained valuable experience doing an externship?
    5) How did your pay compare?

    Anything else you might want to add would be great!!
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  3. by   richardjboro1
    I"m not sure either, I would love to hear about this though. I"m a junior at ASU in jonesboro, and am actively looking for extern positions in Memphis and LR areas. Keep us posted please!

  4. by   MrsHarrison0526
    The Med has places that allow for intern/extern positions, Methodist and Baptist does also. I am not sure about St. Francis. but am positive about the three listed above. the pay is the best at baptist. from what I've heard the experience is best at the med. I work at Baptist as an intern, until dec. 14th! Hello Graduate Nurse! hope that helps some!
  5. by   Mommy TeleRN
    St. Francis hires externs - called Nurse Techs - after 1 semester. I think the other hospitals require you to be within 1 year of graduation. The pay last I worked as a tech was 15.00/hr + 1.88-2.18 diffs.

    I would just apply online - HR is quick to respond
  6. by   Cinqly
    Thank you all for the replies so far!

    I am really interested to hear from people who are already experiencing or have experienced an externship in one of the Memphis area hospitals. I know that almost all of them offer the position, (I've applied to one myself already), but I'm interested to hear what the actual experience is like at each location. If anyone cares to share, I'd really appreciate it!

  7. by   marvinskbaby1
    I currently work as a Nurse Extern II at Methodist Lebonheur childrens hospital. I've worked at Methodist University on a kidney transplant floor and at Methodist Germantown in the CVICU. I've enjoyed all of my experiences. Methodist has a float pool that allows you to work on different floors or different areas of the hospital. When you get to your last semester of nursing school you can go to the OR, Critical care, or where ever. They're good about trying to place their externs where they want to be. There are two positions, extern I and extern II. Extern I, base pay is $12.25, diffs are $2.00 for 3-11, and $2.25 for 11-7. Weekends are an extra $2.00 an hour, so you can make over $16.00 if you work a weekend night. Extern II base pay is $15.00 an hour w/ the same diffs.
  8. by   MrsHarrison0526
    Ok, there is a lot you can and can't do. Like I said base pay is 16.61 weekend (starts friday at 3 pm) is 1.66 and evening 3-11 is .99 they stack on top of each other. Not sure for night, never worked it. You are not supposed to do blood sugars, mess with iv pumps, administer medicine, etc. However, baptist offers a phlebotomy class for interns you can go to then you can get checked off then can draw blood on your floor. Good experience. You can do dressing changes and assist the nurse with VARIOUS things, it all depends on the relationship you have with her/him. Of course you also do Vitals I&O's help PCA's with linen changes and baths helping pt's to BSC's that kinda thing, baptist has also gone live with their computer charting and so you get to chart everything on computer after getting paid to go through the class! They also have tons of education classes that I found beneficial for my classes. There will be more openings once the Dec. graduates graduate! Good Luck!
  9. by   Lisa CCU RN
    1) Where did you extern? Methodist and St. Francis.
    2) What type of unit(s) were you on? cardiac at methodist, ICU at St. Francis

    Were you able to work in many different units of the hospital? You can float at Methodist, but at St Francis you pick a floor
    3) How would you rate your experiences there? (Actual work, extern program management, nurses you worked with, ratios, duties, etc). The nurse pt ratio at Methodist was 4-5. I did my preceptorship at another Methodist location and I really liked the floor.
    On the other hand I LOVE St. Francis. The nurses are so suppoertive and willing to teach and I learn so much with each shift. They have the best internship for new grads that I have ever heard of. They have loan payback, tuition assistance and the best nurse educators. Can you tell I love St Francis? the pay is 15.00 an hour as stated by the other posters.
    4) Do you feel you gained valuable experience doing an externship? Absolutely.
    5) How did your pay compare? It was better than Methodist.
  10. by   Cinqly
    CRNA, how did you apply to the position at St. Francis?? I looked on their website, and I can't find anything about being a nurse extern on there. Did you just contact their human resources department? Thanks.

    p.s. Just a few more weeks!!!!!
  11. by   2bmalenurse007
    I'm a sophomore at Baptist, in Memphis. Are there any jobs that I can apply for in
    hospitals to gain some experience? Ex. PCA or nurse tech.

  12. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I just searched and there are no positions posted right now. Try calling HR and asking for the recruiter. You would be looking for a "Nurse Tech I" position. Nurse Tech II is the title when you graduate and are waiting for licensure.
    Bartlett does have one position posted for a Nurse Tech I in mother/baby services.
  13. by   Cinqly
    Hey all,

    It's been over two months since I first posted this thread, and I still don't have an extern job! I was just wondering if any hospital is hiring now?!? How long does it usually take to get one of these jobs? I'm very professional in interviews, and I think that I am qualified to do this, as are most students. It's just really frustrating, because I want the job for experience, but I also need the job for money! If I don't get one, I'll have to get a part time job somewhere else, and that's not going to help me much in nursing...

    Any suggestions would be great!
  14. by   richardjboro1
    Hello, I know Methodist is hiring, I had to contact HR there, then got in touch with the "nursing recruiter", who is actually in charge of all the extern positions. PM me if you want her email address.


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