Calling all SOUTHWEST Tennessee Community College Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!! - page 3

Hi! I'm going crazy in suspense waiting to hear if I am accepted or not. Is anyone else trying for the fall 2011 semester at Southwest Tennessee Community College? How are ya feeling? :uhoh3: I'm... Read More

  1. by   girlshunt2
    Phone Call?! Anyone? I'm guessing they're calling the LPN-RN group first since they start this summer... Hopefully, they'll get to us traditionals this week! Eek! Anybody know of or met anyone else that has applied? Fingers crossed and prayers!
  2. by   Memphish
    No call yet for me.
  3. by   grpman
    Well, no call for me either but I'll let ya know when I get one.
  4. by   kammel
    hey guys I think I have dealt with the same person on the phone. She called me on feb 1st and said they had all of my info and the application packet. She then said that they would make the decision mid February and send out letters the first week of march. After that didn't happen, I called and she told me that I was wrong and that "she never told me that" and that I could get her in trouble saying things like that. I still have her phone message she left me, and that is exactly what she said. Anyway, I just told her ok, I guess I misheard the message. Which I didn't. Anyway, has anyone heard back from SW about nursing this fall yet? It's driving me completely nuts. thanks!
  5. by   girlshunt2
    NO PHONE CALL YET!!!! aaaarrgghh! Anyone else? I never received a phone call from Ms. whoever at the first of february. I did however receive a certified letter saying they had received my app and to make sure I'd submitted all required information/documents etc- which I had, but I called anyway just to make sure they had everything. I left her a message stating that I had received a certified letter and was calling to make sure they had everything, but never heard back from her. Did anyone else get a certified letter after submitting their application? Now I'm worrying! ... Like I was't already! ha!
  6. by   Memphish
    @girlshunt - Everyone gets that letter, nothing to worry about there. I called to double check everything was in order as well.

    Can someone verify the phones are working at SW?
  7. by   tonmcgwn1
    I had to sign my acceptance package today. Maybe they are getting my group out first LPN-RN fast track program. I shouldn't be long now for you all. Good Luck and may God Bless!!!!!
  8. by   carrie22
    No phone call for me yet.
    I've applied for the generic track Fall 2011, and I know some others that have as well... no one's heard anything yet to my knowledge. :/
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  9. by   scifihippie
    It should be very soon. They were finalizing the list of alternates on Thursday when one of my cohorts was there in the office. I'm surprised they didn't call Friday. I bet you all get a call Monday.
  10. by   girlshunt2
    @scifihippie: Thanks for the insight/hope/whatever- anything information is great at this point- I've chewed all my nails off and am now working on my fingers! OH the AGONY! I know I'm being dramatic, but dang the suspense sux!

    Good Luck everyone! I hope we see lots of POSITIVE activity on here Monday! Oh no, what if they call while I'm in class?! Will they leave a message? Or if I see the number, should I just be excited?
  11. by   grpman
    No phone call here either, so we can be sure that none of us missed the call yet. Lol...we will all be returning any missed phone calls Monday.
  12. by   kammel
    good luck everyone!
  13. by   girlshunt2
    OK, its Monday. If anyone gets a call, ya'll better get on here STAT!! I'm in class all day except for 10:40a-12:30p. Hope I don't miss it, well actually just hope I GET it!!! I guess even a missed call from a 333- # today is safe to be excited over,right? What time are we gonna start bugging the nursing department?? Lol, nerves ya'll, nerves Hopefully, it'll be today!!! And not "We'll find out... After the break." Lol, (nervous laughter)