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  1. @grpman - Yes, the same company does the background and drug screen. Once you complete the online application, you will receive an email that contains the form to take to the lab for the drug screen.
  2. If you search the Spring 2011 hopefuls thread, there are several textbook suggestions in there.
  3. I'm only taking nursing classes, the class sequence is structured so I am taking what is allowed Foundations, Dos & Sol, & Found Clinical.
  4. Just got back. You will be picking your class schedules today with the exception of clinical, which you will get to pick later. So if you have a particular schedule you want, try to get there as soon as you can.
  5. Yes, you have to be there Friday between 9 & 3. It is the nursing building office, although I can't tell you where that is. I may join you in walking circles.
  6. Yes, Friday between 9-3 at the nursing department office to sign. Should only take 5 minutes from what I was told.
  7. My call came from the main number, 333-5425. I say everyone from allnurses has to wear a name tag with their screen name Friday.
  8. Just returned the call too, I'm in!!!!!!
  9. Nothing more, I tried to get a little more clarification, but not so much as the next week or the second week of April. Nothing.
  10. I called and was told this month, no particular date.
  11. @girlshunt - You seem to have such a good relationship over there, I think you should call.
  12. It's April, so sometime within the next 30 days we should know something. I expect the call to go like this today: Congratulations you were accepted......................April fools!
  13. A person who reveals their sources, no longer has sources.
  14. @kammel - It appears so. The website also has the LPN fast track listed as April, but they have already been notified. @grpman - That is most likely true. I tried to get into this spring semester and if I remember correctly, I got my rejection letter before the acceptance calls were made.