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  1. You GPA will be calculated on the courses that apply toward your nursing degree. Your gen Ed courses (English comp, humanities, etc gen Ed core classes that you need for degree) plus nursing specifics such as Nutrition, psych, statistics, ap1, ap2, and micro. Don't worry. Your GPA holds the least amount of weight on your entry index score. You need to get A's in AP1&2, and micro, and pass the NLN with at least a 100. Focus on those, get all A's in them and you are 99% in.
  2. What's the deal on the varicella vaccine? The school is requiring NEW students, but what is the nursing school requiring? I've had chicken pox but how in the heck do you prove it besides titers? And I was told titers can take a week. What to do??
  3. Hey everyone... I registered... MT 12:30 Foundations, M 9a D&S, and W clinical. 80061, 82836, 80096. I haven't received an email about the handbook either. Can't believe its already time... wow.
  4. YOU ROCK! Thanks for all the info!!! That summed up just about everything!
  5. I can't believe its almost time to start. Has anyone gotten their uniform yet? Wondering how long it takes to get them in. I've been away most of the summer but will be back on Monday. Have to do physical and drug t test Tuesday. Boy, am I pushing it. Sketcher makes an all white "uniform Shoe" figure I'd ask @orientation. Time has gone by so fast, kind of dropped the bomb, I think. Lady called last week & asked if I was still planning on attending since they hadn't received anything on my yet. Also, my TBA clinical and D&S class is posted. I was hoping the drive from Eads to downtown would be 3 days a week but ends up Foundations on M/T Clinical W and D&S Thurs. Kinda sucks but oh well. Did notice they changed my foundations class from 12:30-2:30 to 9:50 -11:50,D&S is thurs 9:50-11:50. Anyone gotten their blue bag yet? Wondering how much $?
  6. I submitted an essay describing my reason and desire to enter the program, but we, at the time (fall 2011 applicants) were not required to submit a professor or any kind of recommendation. Your AP&Micro grades are the most important, as they have the most weight on the index scale...
  7. Well, I just checked and neither my D&S nor Clinical has been scheduled-still TBA... Medical terminology is not a required class. I just took it last semester to fill in, so I'd be full-time. Having previously taken A&P, it was an easy A, but I will say, it was a great refresher, and I'm glad I took it. It was kind of like a "medical Latin" class, and provided a different approach to learning the terminology. I enjoyed it. I haven't bought any books, nor have I ordered my uniform. Has anyone had a chance to go try them on? Wondering how they fit. I've been told to just order one, since we only have clinicals once a week, you have plenty of time to wash them... clinicals are the only time we wear them, correct? I, guess I do need to get in gear. Still have to do CPR class, too. Anyone else ready to do it-maybe we could schedule it together...? The summer is going by so fast!!! I'm excited, but starting to get a little nervous!!! :spin:
  8. I'm going online to look @ it now! I've been checking periodically, but haven't in a few days. Why would they schedule any of the D&S classes @ the same time as foundations-there's only 2 Foundations classes, right? grpman-did we take med term together this past spring semester?
  9. Is it just me, or is it kinda funny we still don't know who any of us is? I mean name with face... I couldn't help but think about that during the meeting, lol... as I scanned the room trying to see if I could put a username with a character. I had an exam that day, so I was the one who snuck in about 10 minutes late -with brown hair in a orane/coral short sleeve top and jeans, sat next to the door. The meeting went well, I thought. I saw the woman who was answering questions at the meeting at Pearl's Oyster House the other night... didn't dare speak though! Ha, trying to enjoy that summer and all! Hope everyone is doing well!
  10. Hi everyone-its been a minute... Been reading about books, background checks, etc. Hopefully, they'll address all these things in the meeting in May. Looking forward to meeting all of you... Ready to get this dull semester behind me and on with the good stuff Glad to see everyone so busy!
  11. So are we wearing name tags Friday? lol. All this suspense, all this time, I feel like we're a little family! And I wouldn't know anyone if I saw them. I think its hilarious. Anyway, so Friday @ 9 am correct? I don't think its sunk in yet really... It just doesn't seem real. Congrats everyone... I'm so proud of us all. Now, let it rain! I don't wanna wait till fall!!! HA!
  12. I just missed a call from 333-, I was in class! About to call back-fingers crossed!
  13. Anyone? Anything? Who's gonna call and ask today if we don't hear anything by, say, 4:00? It is, after all, APRIL!!! Woo Hoo!!!
  14. I don't care how the call comes... Though April Fools would be hilariously appropriate @ this point! Just please let it be today!! Suffering=Patience=Character.... I'm enough of a character! Please Lord, let it be todayy!!!!!!! Be on ya'll toes to post when/if you hear something! Good luck and nerves be calm to ALL! Can't wait to hear joy & excitement!!!