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Teas test 6..SAD AND MAD

Well, it's back to the drawing board for me. I was so happy to be taking the REVIEW CLASSES for the TEAS ATI 6 TEST but just my luck...THEY CANCELLED the class. Not enough people signed up. Even though they ARE giving refunds they advised us to just google and YouTube what we didn't understand... I guess I REALLY have to get on my study grind because I RETAKE the teas test AUG 11.. Im extremely sad because I don't even know where to begin. I guess I will have to make a plan and REALLY stick to it. Any advice would be great!

Let me just say, I studied for 13 days and got under a 60. Need a 80 on all required subjects.

Let me just say, I studied for 13 days and got under a 60. Need a 80 on all required subjects.

On everything? And you've completed all your prerequisites? Do you feel like you understand the concepts? How are you generally at test taking?

I just took mine yesterday, used the TEAS study guide and the online practice tests and got an 82.7. I know that's not outstanding or anything.

The best advice I can give you is to go slow, read the question, eliminate the obviously wrong answers, read the question again really carefully and figure out what the question is actually asking.

Yes ON EVERYTHING.Not Collectively​..... SMH... I was informed that's the only way to ensure getting to the next step.

Thanks for the advice. I'm starting ASAP! I'm the type of person that needs to see something done ONCE and then I'll know how to do it unfortunately. I think it's called a visual learner is the correct terminology..UGGGGGGH! I'm so sad. I have 3 kids all under 17 yrs old. School IS about to get out so I can probably hide out somewhere and study UNBOTHERED for a few hrs a days with no interruptions. Fingers crossed because this is my ONLY chance or I'll have to wait a full year.


Has 1 years experience.

don't be upset. I scored 61 on my first try and currently on remediation to study and retake the test in spring. I'm planning on taking the TEAS prep classes at cal state east by in the fall and start studying the ATI teas manual book. I didn't study much either but this time we will both be prepared. don't give up!

Hey @QueenDanii79 which subjects do you need practice with the most? Math? or Science?

I recommend buying a book on amazon. It's like $35 right now. I paid $50. It's ATI TEAS Secrets study guide. It was great and had full length practice tests in the back. It was almost like the Dummies books. Like Chemistry for dummies for example. it broke it down easy and gave tips. Really helped my frame of mind. It also has links to video tutorials.

I too have 3 kids (all under the age of 11) so I feel your pain when it comes to finding time to study. I took the TEAS 6 on May 30th and got an 89.3. I had under 2 weeks to study and used several different aids. I used the Mometrix study guide and the ATI study guide as well. I could have just used the ATI book, but the Monetrix study guide had several practice quizzes which were helpful. I also paid for the online practice quizzes which I feel helped me to get an idea on what I needed to study and how the test would be structured. Plus I downloaded several TEAS specific apps for my phone, any time I had a few minutes I would go over topics that I felt I needed help on. They only thing I would change would be to allow myself more than 2 weeks to study lol.


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