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  1. Hess a2 studying for test
  2. readyforthehesi

    I took the HESI Nursing school here I come

    Not very many...maybe just like 5. The HESI math mainly tests over fractions, ratios, and decimals, so you must be able to solve those but also the word problem version of fractions, ratios, decimals.
  3. readyforthehesi

    Tips for the A&P for HESI Entrance?

    Yes, definitely use the A&P study guide from Ready For The HESI. They have a pass guarantee or your money back. Have you also tried the Pocket Prep app? Here's a free resource on an overview of a&p in regards to the HESI: The Ultimate Guide to Scoring High on the HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology Section | Pocket Prep
  4. readyforthehesi

    HESI Deadline for spring enrollment

    Your best bet would be asking UTh if they accept other scores. I am pretty sure they do. It's a national exam that all nursing school accept, the only thing that is different some schools require you take all subjects and some schools only require some of the subjects. Think of it like taking the SATs, whether you take the SAT at a testing center in Houston or a testing center in Austin, it's still the SAT. Now some schools may want you to take just SAT Math and Reading while others require you to take all the SAT subjects like Math, Reading, Grammar, etc.
  5. readyforthehesi

    How I Failed and then finally passed the hesi a2

    Hi @erialexa28 there were very few algebra questions...maybe like 5. I would focus my energy on fractions, ratios, and yes percentages. When is your test date?
  6. readyforthehesi

    HESI Calculator?

    Hey @toroszy, are you referring to the HESI A2 Entrance exam? The HESI A2 has a calculator in the computer when you take the math section... But their Chemistry section is not very difficult. The questions are mostly based on these topics: Acids and Bases Atomic number, mass, and structure Chemical Reactions Oxidation and Reduction Solutions, solvents, and solutes Compounds Alloys Emulsions Amino Acids This article goes over the most tested topics for each subject of the HESI A2: The Most-Tested Topics of the HESI A2 nursing entrance exam – Ready For The HESI
  7. readyforthehesi

    hesi tips peeps

    Hey Salamonje today is the big day! How did it go? I hope you passed!!
  8. readyforthehesi

    Teas test 6..SAD AND MAD

    Hey @QueenDanii79 which subjects do you need practice with the most? Math? or Science?
  9. readyforthehesi

    Should I take Physiology class before Anatomy class for Hesi A2

    Hey @OllieRugby, Personally, I would not recommend taking physiology before anatomy. When you take physiology it builds off of Anatomy and you will need to rebrush on anatomy topics while you're taking physiology. However, I too wouldn't risk my grade with a bad professor because when you apply to nursing schools the schools will care very much about your science grades more than even your HESI test grade. If you have no other choice, then take physiology but know you will have to put in the extra work to review some anatomy topics. And actually you do not *** I repeat you DO NOT have to take anatomy and physiology classes before taking the HESI. The HESI A2 exam tests over general topics of anatomy and physiology so could actually get plenty of practice with just free practice tests like this one: Free HESI A2 Practice Test and Fully Explained Answers and Solutions – Ready For The HESI Also, whatever you decide to take one or the other, go for it, but under no circumstances take anatomy and physiology at the same time. That's a recipe for disaster and you dont want to risk having bad grades on your transcript which you'll need to send with your applications.
  10. readyforthehesi

    Failed Hesi Entrance Exam Twice

    Hi @BrittTX did you take the HESI A2 Exam again and passed this time? There is a free HESI A2 practice test here: Free HESI A2 Practice Test and Fully Explained Answers and Solutions – Ready For The HESI They also offer live tutor help but there is a ton of free content on there too. There was this student Rhonda who kept failing the math section of the hesi and used their study guides and tutor help to (finally) pass the exam.
  11. readyforthehesi

    Khan Academy for free study

    oh my gosh that's awesome nanillest! What nursing school did you get into?
  12. readyforthehesi

    Failed Hesi A2 Entrance Exam twice

    Yes, @Overton, let us know if you passed it this time around and what you did differently!
  13. readyforthehesi

    Khan Academy for free study

    Hey @nanillest when are you taking your HESI Exam? The math section can take quite a while since it has 50 questions. You will probably find about 2-3 questions that won't be multiple choice and you'll have to actually type in the answer. Here are the topics we focus when we tutor students for the HESI: Decimals Multiplying decimals Changing Decimals to Fractions Comparing decimals Fractions Ratios and proportions (number and word problems) Changing Fractions to Decimals Dividing Fractions Multiplying, dividing, adding, subtracting fractions Measurements Teaspoons to mL Tablespoons to mL Cups to Ounces Algebra Solving for X in ratio and proportion Using Percent Formula Solving equations for a variable The Most-Tested Topics of the HESI A2 nursing entrance exam – Ready For The HESI At the bottom, you can sign up for a free HESI practice test. It doesn't hurt to get in more practice questions before the actual exam. Good luck and let us know how you did!!
  14. readyforthehesi


    1) What books or sites did you use to study? We tutor a lot of students and recommend our Ready For The HESI study guides which include practice worksheets, and HESI-like practice test questions, alongside diagrams and fill in the blank pictures. These are very helpful for anatomy and physiology, biology, and chemistry. The study guides are perfect for a refresher, even if you took a&p years ago or if you have been out of school for a while. 2) If you took the basic HESI, did you find the HES A2 difficult? A lot of our students, don't find it too challenging as long as the right material was studied. For all the sciences, it's important to remember that each science questions only has 25 questions. So a whole semester or two semesters of a course comes down to 25 short questions. This is actually a good thing! It means HESI will only test you over general topics and information and not super specific details. 3) How in depth should i be studying A&P? [Focus on broad and general concepts Main body hormones, cellular transport, location of anatomy, etc.) These kinds of questions are **always** asked on the HESI exam.] What to expect on the Anatomy and Physiology section of the HESI A2 Ex – Ready For The HESI 4) Is there anything you would have done differently What we recommend to students is please, please do not neglect the other sections! Reading Comprehension and Grammar are just as important as anatomy and physiology. Sometimes students don't study as much on these sections because they think it's a no-brainer. Whether or not you're a native English speaker, this 50 question section needs to be held with the same importance for studying. One of the most missed questions for the HESI grammar are confusing word pairs like affect vs effect and lie vs lay and farther vs further etc. *************I promise you, you will always see these kinds of questions in the grammar section. Here's an article breaking down the difference: How Will Knowing Effective Study Tools Affect Your HESI A2 Grammar Sco – Ready For The HESI
  15. readyforthehesi

    HESI A2 on 2/10/17, good score??

    Brittany, it depends on your school. If your school did not require it then should actually could have just skipped it and there would have been no grade at all. Check with the college you are applying and if they do not require, then the score doesn't matter!
  16. readyforthehesi

    HESI A2: Don't stress- Tips from a recent test taker!

    @lovebugbella for the Chemistry section check out these topics: Chemistry - 25 Questions Acids and Bases Atomic number, mass, and structure Chemical Reactions Oxidation and Reduction Solutions, solvents, and solutes Compounds Alloys Emulsions Amino Acids If you look up Ready For The Hesi, you'll find free articles on the HESI and what to study for it.