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  1. I've have been through a similar situation. Many years ago I started taking classes at my local community college with the hopes that it would help to keep my mind off the rough patch in life that I was currently going through. I should have waited till my issues were dealt with and I was more motivated and focused. About 2 years ago after a lot of growing up I decided to go back to school and pursue my hope of becoming a nurse. I soon realized that It might not be as easy as I had hoped it would be because of my low GPA, but with some planning and hard work it payed off as I will soon begin nursing school. I would suggest talking to a counselor at school, most schools that offer a nursing program will have somebody who deals with current and pre-nursing students. They will know what you would need to do in order to help your chances of getting in. Many if not all colleges have an option that allows you to retake classes that you received a D or F in and allow you to petition to have the lower grades not counted into your GPA (although they will not be erased entirely.) Don't take a full course load. Taking one class a semester allows for you to concentrate your efforts to ensure a better grade even if it takes you longer to complete all of your prerequisites. It will be worth it in the end. Hope this helps.
  2. RowzyO

    TEAS 6 Online Study Exam

    I agree with the poster above. I took the teas 6 in May and used the ATI and Mometrix study manuals. You can buy them used but in good condition for cheap. I would suggest buying the ATI online practice tests. You can take each of them twice and it gives you a baseline as to what you need to study more in depth on. There are also free teas study apps for your phone. Although the question format might be a bit different than the teas exam it's a good way to expose yourself to differently worded questions because if you understand the concept then the wording doesn't matter as much. Only you know what study methods work best for you, create your own study plan and you should do fine.
  3. RowzyO

    COS Visalia RN Spring 2018

    Speaking of nursing accessories, which stethoscope is everyone getting or if you have one already what brand and model is it?
  4. I just got my acceptance into an ADN program where I live in California and was also in the same boat as you. I had a very low GPA and thought that it would be near impossible to get into an RN program without having to pay a pretty penny (close to $60,000 for a local program). I spoke to the nursing counselor at the school I wanted to attend and asked her what I could do to help my chances. She gave me two goals:1) Get all A's in all courses from that point on and 2) Get a 87 or higher on the TEAS 6 exam. So I focused on those goals and was able to meet them. Every school has slightly different requirements, check with a counselor before you count yourself out. As far as past D's and F's, some schools have a thing called Academic Forgiveness. If you retake classes in which you received those low grades in and can show that you are more serious about your schooling, some schools will have those low grades not calculated into your overall GPA (they will always be on your transcripts though). Hang in there! If it's something you really want, you will do whatever is necessary to fulfill your goals.
  5. RowzyO

    COS Visalia RN Spring 2018

    I just checked my mail today as well and found my acceptance letter for COS! Today couldn't have come soon enough! Good luck to everyone still waiting! Hope to see you all at orientation!