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  1. dreamnursing2

    ATI med-surg proctored exam

    for those who took the med-surg ati proctored exam. how did you study for it? our program makes us take these proctored exams every semester which is worth 8% of our overall grades and I seem to not be able to score above level 2. please share your feedbacks. I have Cathy park's flashcards and practice test A and B. Thank You
  2. dreamnursing2

    Evergreen Valley College Nursing Fall 2018

    Hi Jessfxo 😀 this is your soul sister. clearly im bored 😕
  3. dreamnursing2

    Evergreen Valley College Fall 2018/ Spring 2019

    I have no idea if they have raised tuition or not. Good luck to those starting in only 2 weeks😀
  4. dreamnursing2

    Evergreen Valley College Fall 2018/ Spring 2019

    did you get the class list to register for? they normally send an email with instructions
  5. dreamnursing2

    Evergreen Valley College Fall 2018/ Spring 2019

    no ATI books are separate. you need the bundle list plus ATI bundle which is about $800 I believe
  6. dreamnursing2

    Evergreen Valley College Fall 2018/ Spring 2019

    yes, its very necessary. its required.
  7. dreamnursing2

    EVC FALL 2019

    its manageable as long as you put enough effort into it. lots of time management and critical thinking.
  8. dreamnursing2

    EVC FALL 2019

    Good luck to you and the rest! Im in the first semester :) how does the point system work? I was granted via lottery. this is the first year they did the point system.
  9. dreamnursing2


    Hello, Any tips on how to study for fundamentals? We use potter and perry book and the reading lists is enormous!! Any other study alternatives anyone here can recommend? I have the saunders NCLEX book as well. Thank You
  10. dreamnursing2


    thank you!!
  11. dreamnursing2


    Hello, I have been searching for some student feedback in regards to Nrsing Academy program. has anyone here tried it? is it worth it? Im starting my first semester in two weeks and was referred to their website by a friend.
  12. dreamnursing2

    Less competitive schools in CA?

    Most all CA programs have mostly transitioned into a point system meaning your Science GPA plays a big role. My program requires science GPA to be at least 2.75 you can check on BON website for list of schools and go from there check their website and read requirement. I should also let you know the minimum Science GPA requirement only allows to apply your TEAS score will also be important to accumulate points. Good luck
  13. dreamnursing2

    TEAS VI - failed :(

    no the scores remain on your record under ATI. The usual remediation is 1 year to prep to re take the test. I was not allowed to re take the test until I was done with my remediation plan which was roughly 8 months later.
  14. dreamnursing2


    Thank you so much everyone for all your kind words and encouragement. I will do as everyone advised. I am pretty excited and believe I can do this !! God bless you all!
  15. dreamnursing2

    TEAS VI - failed :(

    honestly the only thing that boosted my score was the smart prep by ATI. its an online module directly through ATI. Its pricy but my program paid for it. Its a good investment if you're really motivated to get a good score. I believe its around $250
  16. dreamnursing2

    Evergreen Valley College Fall 2018/ Spring 2019

    This is the first year they are going by point system. I personally have no idea. I was granted in via lottery last year. on the enrollment page should explain the new criteria.