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Hello everyone,

I am currently studying to take the TEAS 5 this coming December. At the place where I will be taking my test, they do not allow people to bring or use calculators for the math section of the test. In light of this, I would like to ask the people who have taken the test if the numbers that they use for the math section are "easy" numbers to do with pen and paper (meaning that after you go through standard math operations, you come out with even numbers as opposed to ones with decimals and remainders). Or does it even really matter? Do you guys know if they just use the same set of problems for everyone regardless of use of calculators or not? Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks :)


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I'm taking the teas next Thursday. It strictly said no calculators yikes!!! but I heard it was very basic math. I know this is old but i'm sure you did very well and I'm hoping to the same take care. :-)


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I would recommend buying the ATI study guide and practice tests so you know exactly what you're up against. I hadn't done a lot of those types of problems in years so I was a bit rusty when I did the practice problems but I did well on the actual test.