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I took the TEAS exam this morning and got an adjusted individual score of 89.4% overall. I got a 97.5 on reading, 97.8 on math, 83.3 on science, and 83.6 on the English. I currently have a GPA of... Read More

  1. by   Anoetos
    82.4% AIT Score (without much preparation), 4.0 GPA and am waiting on my letter to tell me whether I made it into the new BSN program. I was told that my score was pretty high for my school (which is a commuter campus for a larger private school).

    If I am not accepted, I'll take it again and apply next year.

    From what I am hearing, we won't get our letters until 4/15 or so, but it's a big secret so no one really knows.

    I have no doubt about my ability to succeed once I am taking the classes.
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  2. by   Hobbes02
    Quote from Anoetos
    It is probably not fair, but, being a boy kind of puts me in a separate pool from you girls, so I am hoping this is enough of a bump to get me in.
    You may get in based on a good TEAS score/GPA but if you think that being a male is going to give you a 'bump' then you're mistaken. I believe that would constitute discrimination and I doubt your school is picking names based on sex. Good luck with your application though, it's probably good enough to get you in anyway.
  3. by   Anoetos
    Hobbes, you are quite right and I have deleted the offending sentence from my original post. If you could do the same I would greatly appreciate it, or you could leave it there for everyone to see what an oaf I am.

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  4. by   Hobbes02
    Quote from Anoetos
    Hobbes, you are quite right and I have deleted the offending sentence from my original post. If you could do the same I would greatly appreciate it, or you could leave it there for everyone to see what an oaf I am.

    Well, unfortunately I do not have a paid subscription so I can no longer edit my post (us non-paying members only get 5 minutes to edit a post), otherwise I would. However, I do appreciate the honesty of your response and at least you admitted your mistake. If a mod reads this and wants to edit/delete that post for me I would have no problem with that.
  5. by   Browneyedgirl10
    Quote from Tabby_Cat
    My overall adjusted score was 87.1% (90th percentile). I got a 100% on the English section & was very stoked about that!

    I had an undergrad G.P.A. of 3.7 (w/honors). I don't think they looked at my graduate school G.P.A.

    My TEAS score ranked in the 95th percentile for my first choice ABSN program (MedCentral College of Nursing, in Mansfield OH).

    I was accepted on Tuesday, so I guess something worked right!!


    What TEAS version did you take and when? There's some confusion out there in comparing scores between different versions. Case in point. I took the TEAS Version 5 a couple of weeks ago and got an adjusted score of 85.3%. The statistics provided at the end of the test indicated I was in the 98th percentile both nationally and within my program (BSN). I've heard Version 5 scores are skewing lower overall so I'm just curious which version you took.

    Congrats on your acceptance!
  6. by   Servingshots
    I got and 81% and got in my top choice school!
  7. by   sandi1743
    I agree with you as I have been told by many schools that the "old" TEAS was much easier and the NET was harder - but now that the NET is going away the new TEAS is much harder than it use to be.
  8. by   NightOwlGirl

    Thanks for the congrats!

    I took the TEAS version 4 on March 13th. I think you're right about Version 5 skewing lower, I've heard that from other people, too.

    Did you get into your first choice program? How did they compare/adjust scores from the different versions?
  9. by   2BUSY4ME
    Here are my recent scores.
    When you post your scores, are you relating to adjusted total score or percentile rank program (BSN)?
    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 86.5%
    Mean - National: 72.8%
    Mean - Program: 77.4%
    Percentile Rank - National: 94
    Percentile Rank - Program: 87
    The school I am applying to adds all 4 subtests together for a score to add to the GPAx10.
    What 4 #s do you think they use?
  10. by   jnkrek2006
    Quote from jnkrek2006
    I got overall 80%, reading 90%, math 80%, science 70% and english 78%. Mean 74, national mean74%,
    I'll know the end of this month if i get in or not

    I just wanted to update and let everyone know I got in my school with these scores .Good luck everyone
  11. by   Chris99mu
    Congrats to everyone who got in!!

    I think I am the only idiot who took it 3 times and did worse each time!!

    1st time: 88.2%
    2nd time: 87.7 %
    3rd time: 87.6%

    I'm nothing if not consistent, right? I get the same test every time and I think I am overthinking it. Luckily we can turn in whichever score we want. I really studied hard this last time and really brought up some of my scores, but in others (like sentence structure 28%???) I did laughably bad. I don't get it.

    So, given the cost and my proliclivity to get worse and worse, I'm done. My GPA is pretty low (3.4) but I need to just go for it. It is what it is and I can't change. Its in His hands now.
  12. by   Mary W. Bleecker
    I took the TEAS in October 2009, and my score is 78.8. I have been accepted into the ADN program for fall 2013. My science score is 73, math is 60, English is 90 and reading is also 90. My gpa is 3.5, and I have a&p II and applied learning theory for nursing majors. One more prereq, and then I'll start taking classes for a BSN while I wait.
  13. by   student63
    Does anyone know what book to study for ATI Testing for RN School.