TEAS VI - Calculators?

  1. I'm studying for the TEAS, which I plan on taking late this year. Yeah, that's a while out, but I'm paranoid about it lol. My understanding is that on the TEAS V, you weren't allowed a calculator, so I just wanted to let other folks out there who may be taking the TEAS this year (or in later years) that according to my ATI TEAS Study Manual, for the TEAS VI, we get a four function calculator that's provided by the testing center on the test.

    Personally I'm incredibly relieved about this, as my mental math has been shaky for a while now.

    I know this could potentially impact someone's decision about when to take the TEAS (the sixth version comes out on August 31, 2016) so wanted to get the word out there.
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  3. by   jredo2617
    Wooooooooowwwwwww....you guys are lucky. I took version V just a couple of days ago and when I started studying for the exam I was pretty nervous about the no calculator rule. Thanks for the heads up; if I don't get into the program of my choice this year and decide to take the teas again, a calculator on the new version is definitely a relief.
  4. by   missmolliee
    You're kidding right???
    I just took the TEAS V this morning and math was my worst section, mostly because my simple math was kind of rusty.
    Wish I knew this before!
    I bet this will impact the competitiveness of the scores though. It will be harder to get a "great" score since I'm assuming the average scores for this version will be higher then TEAS V due to the calculator being able to be used.
  5. by   FutureNurseEmilyP80
    That's wonderful for you! I studied for a month and focused so much on math, my English slipped. I still passed but it would have been nice to be able to use a calculator! I was very proud at how well I did on the math though, considering I always felt it was a weak area. Good luck to you, take the practice tests!
  6. by   Redemption
    Do you know what the difference between the Teas V and Teas VI content wise? And can you also link the ATI Teas study manuel Sixth edition as well? Also how do you like the ATI teas study manuel?
  7. by   Redemption
    Do you know the difference between the TEAS V and TEAS VI content wise? And can you also link the ATI TEAS study manual for the sixth edition as well? Also how do you like the study manual?
  8. by   TheNurseStudentMom
    I got 98% in math in February. It's the other stuff I needed help with. Good luck!
  9. by   TinaD22
    So far, I have been told that the Teas vi will not include earth science questions. Does anyone else know any other differences?
  10. by   katetheteacher
    The TEAS is changing the math section so that many of the questions won't actually need a calculator. They wouldn't be that nice, right?!

    For the new version of the test, you'll have a lot more math questions that ask you to, basically, show your work. You'll be given a multiple-step problem, and then you have to select the answer option that is the proper method--instead of actually answering with a number. Frankly, it's kinda hard!

    The new version of the test also reduces the number of questions that rely on calculations. You'll still need to calculate with fractions and PEMDAS (order of operations), but you'll also need to know more about geometry and a little bit of stats.

    In terms of the science section, earth science isn't a focus. You might see a question, but it's probably not a scored question. Instead, the science section is about 66 percent anatomy and physiology. The rest is mostly of biology, chemistry, and scientific method.

    Overall, the new TEAS scaled to be as difficult as the old version. That way, nursing schools don't have to change their admissions requirements.

    Hope this helps--and good luck studying!!
  11. by   Thinklikeanurse
    Just curious as to where u got this information. Im freaking out about the new version of the test
  12. by   kvarin
    You can use a calculator now?! Wow that sucks. As a current nursing student you NEED TO be able to do basic math quickly and without a calculator, either in your head or on a small piece of scrap paper. You're not always going to have a calculator laying around, and phones are prohibited at your clinical sites (they must be left in a bag or in your car; they cannot be on you). I am so grateful I took the TEAS V and couldn't use a calculator - it helped me restrengthen my mental math skills that I use every day now.
  13. by   reggieragu
    I was told the question will be more intense, requiring more than three step processes. It may be easier the old way..lol.
  14. by   TheBrooklynKnight