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Nimrodel has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatric/Mental Health, Med-Surg, Corrections.

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  1. I'd like to clarify: is this decision for BOTH your MSN and phD automatically, or is just the MSN, and you're reflecting on future options? My two cents: nursing doesn't care as much about name schools as much as most other fields. *especially* for...
  2. We have had this issue also. Management says: offer them a new ID band at each med pass. Of course, sometimes that just sets the pts off (not to mention, slows med pass - there's one medication nurse for 20 pts). There is an index of pts by room numb...
  3. What do you want to do? You say you want increased growth, autonomy, salary; those could likely be obtained without a DNP. Rather than looking at it as "what can I do with a DNP", consider it as "how will a DNP (or other advanced degree) get me where...
  4. Understaffed and feeling unsafe

    Re CA staffing, yes, only psych hospitals which are attached to a “medical” hospital have ratios. Otherwise the magic 1:7 does not exist in freestanding psych hospitals.
  5. Scary Paranoid Thought

    As an RN I’ve called in scripts, including controlled substances once in a while, at work. So I’m not sure what would stop that honestly. Hopefully the pharmacy has some form of countermeasure.
  6. How to Prepare for First Day on the Job

    I do not have ICU experience but I am a fairly recent graduate and honestly I have always struggled a lot with skills (in that I can do them, but it seems to take me a couple more tries than other people to get them). Personally, I learn next to noth...
  7. How do you become a palliative care NP?

    As others have mentioned there are various program options. CA specific, I know UCSF has a palliative care subspecialty for NPs. If relocating is an option, there are also a select few palliative care NP "residencies" - usually a year in length....
  8. Stanford vs UC Salary New Grad

    For any UC, because they are government jobs, you can look up “UC (whichever one) salary scales”, sometimes you gotta throw a health in there or something. The title code for nurses with experience is 9139 or 9140 for new grads, that’s basically acro...
  9. Anyone NEVER been hit/hurt working psych?

    I've been in psych for a year now. So far I've dodged everything ;) but yes, I've been spat at, patients tried to bite me, kick, hit, etc. Not sure when my dodging luck will run out though.
  10. California CEs for license renewal?

    Hi all, I'll be renewing my license for the first time towards the end of the year. I know I don't need CEs for the first renewal. My question however, is that my ACLS/BLS expire less than a week after my renewal date. I don't really want to delay re...
  11. Sacramento RN's

    I'm in Sacramento, currently working in psych as opposed to acute care but happy to talk and answer what questions I can.
  12. Want to leave Psych for Med Surg or something else...

    You could look into doing a refresher course. The BRN has a list of them (not approved or anything, but just as a resource). The content varies, but I imagine some of them review some clinical skills and the like.
  13. Senior practicum in oncology unit

    Hi! I am about halfway through my oncology preceptorship. I’d say the biggest way it affects my learning (when contrasted with med-surg) is just there are some things I don’t get much exposure I’ve had zero IV starts, and out of 30 patients...
  14. Trans Patient

    Trans guy here - She's not male. That's an inaccurate and harmful assumption. Other people have made good points regarding policy and patient safety, but I'd like to address something else. Nearly half of trans people have attempted suicide. The les...
  15. Psych Nursing - Boring?

    Hi all, So I'm a nursing student and we are halfway through our mental health clinical rotation. I am finding it completely boring, and so are many of my classmates. It seems as though the nurses only chart, pass meds, and call the physician, with ex...