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    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    You are absolutely right! To make an exceptional grade purchase the bundle pack to get the same questions and answers on the test. Now, there will be a TEAS VI, which allows calculators and NO Science section. I will buy the BUNDLE to score high, anything less is emotional abuse since there is a definite advantage. Imagine, there are others out there who had nothing but their intelligence to see them through in college. No help, no solution Manuals...just study study study. BUT, money can buy you the advantage you need to pass with all that study information if you dont pass with 85% or higher, you have to be an idiot. lol. Im upset. I did not buy the bundle like my friend, who Aced it. I bought the pretest A & B, and Aced them. The actual test had all the questions my friend had on her purchased bundle. While I was thinking and figuring, she knew the answers from her study guide. How can this measure true aptitude if it is primarily memorization???? The poor need a CHANCE TOO!