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Hello everyone, The TEAS sticky is great for general TEAS questions, but I wanted to start a more specific TEAS thread for TEAS V. For anyone who has taken both 4.0 and V, was there a big... Read More

  1. by   sltenbroeck
    The periodic table is provided for you. Don't waste time on that. All formulas and conversions are also given.
  2. by   GAgirlinMA
    I took the TEAS V yesterday, but used the study guide for the TEAS 4. I got a 95% in Reading, 93% in Math, 79% in Science, and a 96% in Grammar; total score of 90%. I didn't take any online practice tests, but went through the study guide. It wasn't too difficult, really. I have taken science prerequisite courses recently, though, so that info was fairly fresh. Good luck everyone!
  3. by   ohnevah
    Hi guys, I just took my Teas V exam last week, and didn't score that well. My adjusted individual score was 68 % and it places me as proficient. What are the chances of me getting in BHSN now ... :-(
  4. by   mrusso86
    What specific schools did you take this exam for? Did they let you know what percentages they were looking for in terms of admission to their program?
  5. by   teasnightmare
    I guess it depends on how many people they are looking to accept. I think they take 30 for the day and 30 for the night. I know they look at the teas as the primary factor for getting in. So it depends on if 60 or so people did better than you. I know the average for the test is around that. But if people scored higher not sure if that is good enough. I really don't know though. What were your individual scores? The concentrate on the Reading the most I think. Hope this helps.
  6. by   teasnightmare
    Where is BHSN??????? I thought it said BHCC
  7. by   ohnevah
    Bhsn is Bridgeport hospital school of nursing my results are this..i know it isn't that good :-(

    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 68.7%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Proficient
    Mean - National: 63.3%
    Mean - Program: 64.7%
    Percentile Rank - 65
    National: Percentile Rank - 63

    And it was the TEAS V
  8. by   teasnightmare
    I am sorry I don't know what their cut off is. So you might want to ask around and see what others scores were that got accepted before you
  9. by   ohnevah
    Yeah I've was reading the forums here, a lot of people got accepted at like 80%+ So i think, I should stop stressin about it and start studying for the exam the 2nd time around.
    I am taking the teas on April 2nd and I was wondering if you guys thought the practice tests were harder or easier than the actual test? I took the two practice tests in the ATI book and got 86% and 83% respectively and then I took the online ATI practice test and got a 78% because of the science and grammar sections. I studied by weak points in between each test and I got worse and worse scores each time
  11. by   teasnightmare
    I thought the practice test online were much harder than the actual test. I feel it help you manage your time wisely. Reading, math and english are about equal science is much harder. Where are you applying to? Good Luck. You should do great if you did well on the practice test. Just be aware of your time.
  12. by   ohnevah
    Yeah, I agree the online test was a bit more challenging. Science is real crucial in that area...I believe there were like 58 science questions or something like that. I hope my results will keep me in the acceptance category..
    I am applying to CSN this summer for the Spr 12 cohort. Actually I have relaxed a bit because I realized with the point system that as long as I get at least a 64% adjusted score I should still be accepted because of the amount of points I have already. Yay but I would still like to get at least an 85% or up for my ego's sake lol. Thanks for the quick reply btw