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  1. Congratulations to all of you with letters of good news! :up:Got my number- 39 of 126 waitlisted at GW. Oh well, try again next year.
  2. I know I saw earlier that someone said they didn't get to 21 on Gateway's waitlist last year. Does anyone know what number they DID get to?
  3. I'm supposed to be writing a paper & studying for my last A&P II exam AND the freakin HAPS exam and I can't concentrate at all
  4. mine said nothing all day on friday (i checked about 1,293 times). i missed the window where people had it posted for a bit earlier in the week, so never know if it said anything else. now it says this: the selection process for the 2011-2012 academic year has been completed. you are currently on the waitlist of your college of first choice. we will inform you if you secure a seat in the future. you will be sent additional information regarding your waitlist number in the mail. if you have further questions, please call the admissions office of your college of first choice after you have received your official notification letter in the mail. no mail yet today
  5. I meant if I was you :)
  6. Yeah, I had my waitlist info for Gateway posted on commnet in the late morning on Saturday & I'm an "R"... I would be pretty stoked if it doesn't say anything on commnet right now
  7. Waitlisted @ Gateway, don't know what number yet. 3.05GPA, 85.9 TEAS, A A&P I BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Rooskenator

    HAPS Exam for A&P

    Has anyone taken the HAPS exam (Comprehensive exam for A&P I & II)... If so, how and what did you study? Thanks in advance!
  9. oh, nevermind. I guess the letters will be coming from Hartford, huh?
  10. Me too! I live in New Haven & I've gotten most things mailed from within the city the very next day. I'm really hoping that's the case this time- I feel like my heart's going to pop ;-)
  11. I would think if they had some sort of commnet notification by accident that they have something in place to notify us when they're supposed to. You'd think so anyways...
  12. Rooskenator

    ASN at community college, then BSN?

    It all depends on the situation and only YOU truly understand your own situation. Yes, a traditional BSN may be faster. Is it right for everyone? No, because there are SO many factors to include: money, family circumstances, how much stress you handle best, etc, etc... Many ASN programs have agreements in place with a 4 year university where you can transfer in as soon as you are done with your ASN as long as you have made good grades in the program. This would be great for you since it would give you time to "make up" for older grades. I am doing the exact same thing right now for many reasons. Getting your ASN in two years and then transferring into an RN-BSN program might be slightly longer, but has many other benefits for people with families, people who underperformed in school and really want a fresh start, etc... GO FOR IT. Do it whatever way you are comfortable with. The end result is the same, so who cares how you get there? That's been my motto anyways :) BEST OF LUCK!!!!
  13. Mixy, that's how I understood it too. I was getting a tooth pulled when all of this happened... So, some or all applicants had whether they were in or not posted on commnet for a little while & then it got removed? Crazy!