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Anyone able to provide a example of when team work did not work for a interview question

Recommended that nursing assistants work in pairs. Suggestion made to charge nurse who said ok to team up with a partner but she was not going to force people to work in pairs. Individual with idea unable to get other nursing assistant(s) to go along. (When you work alone you can do, or more importantly, not do, what you please. When you work in pairs, you have a second set of eyes present.)

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That's when you know you're dealing with some sketchy CNAs. When I was a CNA, I jumped at the chance to round with my partner and work together. So did my colleagues. You can get so much done so much more quickly and with less wear and tear on your bodies by pairing up.

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Team nursing...RN 1 did vitals and did not communicate a pt requesting pain meds to RN 2 doing meds...pts not getting OOB for washes or physio because in pain.

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Team nursing has left me in a bind a few times. Teams consisted of RN, LPN, and CNA. There were many days when I was the only person on the team (RN). You can't have a team with one person. This was a VA Hospital that did team nursing.

No, no,'s a trap! LOL.

Focus your answer on how teamwork can be successful by everyone giving 200% (participation), having a can-do attitude, and by using excellent, closed-loop communications.

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Surely the example is supposed to be coming from your own experience? I can't see how interviewers would be interested in hearing other people's anecdotes.

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