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Taped Handovers


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Howdy. I work in many places that do taped handovers and many of them are scattily done to say the least.

I don't like taped handovers cos you can't ask questions, but just wondered does anyone else use this form of handover and how do you do yours? I start off with the bed number, patient name etc, but get a bit lost after that. Do you go by body systems or what? Everyone seems to do them differently but I want a standard format to follow.

Hope all Aussie nurses are having a good shift today. I am starting in a new mental health unit, am a bit apprehensive, :eek: but it's all going well so far!

Thanks in advance.


I am in Aged Care. We do all handovers on Icare computer program and could be printed off if needed.

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Thanks, looks like I won't get any other replies! I will just follow the hospital/ward policy re taped handovers I think.


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Usually on my unit it's

Bed number, name, age sex

responsible Dr.


pain meds on last shift

"vitals stable" numbers only if something is off

IV fluid

drains (type, output)


anything relevant (like crazy wife slepping in waiting room)

any scheduled procedures/discharge, etc.


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I did one clinical with taped handovers. It ran relatively smoothly. The staff for the incoming shift gathered in the tea room and listened to the tape together.. much as other verbal handovers I've been to where the staff gathered and the outgoing nurses handed over their patients one at a time. I guess it freed up more time at the end of the shift for the off going staff, who could record their handover at whatever time during their shift was convenient.


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I work in a medical ward on permanent night shift and there is only a 15 minute overlap between the late shift and the night shift so we have taped handovers. The good thing is that handovers are straight to the point (depending on who is handing over) but the bad thing is sometimes words get lost in the pronunciation if English is a second language and then there is no chance to ask questions to clarify things. Generally, what is lost can be caught up in the notes though.

We also start with the name, bed number, orientated or not, mobile or not, then into the specifics.

Hi Carol, how did you go in the new mental health unit. I have to do a clinical in mental health for my uni course. My first prac is aged care.