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  1. Does anyone here know a good website to do competency for nikki T34 syringe driver? Which I need to do for my workplace.
  2. smilenurse

    CPD points

    I do not know about free course for CPD but I do know a good website called Nursesfornurses. It will cost $99 a year and they have loads plus lots of reading information too.
  3. smilenurse


    Can Aged Care AIN's who is qualified with competency can give Wafarin without RN checking? or does a RN have to check and counter sign with AIN ? for Wafarin.
  4. smilenurse

    Is it a Medication Error

    Thanks you for all the comments, I agree too.
  5. smilenurse

    Is it a Medication Error

    Would like to find out if for some reason RN or EEN forgot to sign medication chart after doing a Insulin Injection, is it considered a Medication Error??? and a Incident Report needs to to written due to this??? Is this right or wrong???
  6. Also we practices on a sponge.
  7. When I was a nursing student we practiced in class on a orange.
  8. smilenurse

    Health&Safety Representative

    I work in Nursing and wondering have many H&S Rep's are there in a Nursing Home? I know there should be one Occupational H&S Officer.
  9. smilenurse

    Taped Handovers

    I am in Aged Care. We do all handovers on Icare computer program and could be printed off if needed.
  10. smilenurse

    Not enough aged care beds ?

    Is this true not enough aged care beds? You will hear very very long wait list to place there love one in a Nursing Home. I know place were aged care beds in Brisbane that are empty and waiting for the bed to be filled but no one is calling or asking. Have your say!!!!!!!!!
  11. smilenurse

    EEN's working as PCA's sometimes

    Is there any EEN's working in Aged Care here? I was wondering what are your normal duties of the shift for EEN's? Do you work as PCA's (EEN's) sometimes with other PCA's? Is this normal practice for EEN's are required to work on the floor with other PCA's? if this practice not right and not by law who do I report this to?
  12. smilenurse

    AIN (Assistant in nursing)

    Yes,Certificate 3 in Aged Care. Go to any TAFE in Sydney, they will answer all your questions.
  13. smilenurse

    EEN's running the floor without RN's

    No it is not me, I would not do this never ever. I just hear around from other people talking about this but did not say were and when but they did finally find a RN from agency coming in.
  14. smilenurse

    EEN's running the floor without RN's

    Due to shortage of RN's and even the Agency have shortage and can not provide RN's when you need them when RN calls in sick 30 minutes before handover. Then the EEN's have no choose but to run the floor, give the medications, insulins, injections, S8 etc. It is very difficult to find RN's that like Aged Care, some will tell you hats off for Aged Care, RN's love better working in Hospitals than Aged Care.
  15. smilenurse

    Moving to Brisbane

    The Train is the close by.
  16. smilenurse

    EEN's running the floor without RN's

    Why not? What do you do when RN's cannot be find ?