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  1. sydneymum14

    Most Impressed as a patient (future nurse)

    Thanks Carol, I think you are studying too aren't you??
  2. Hi All lovely Aussie nurses. I am an AIN community nurse and I've just been to RNSH private for a colonoscopy+gastroscopy procedure and was most impressed with the nursing I recieved. I took great note of everything that was done and said as I am a 1st year student for the Bof Nursing. The nursing was mainly done by an EEN but there were a couple of AIN's, another EEN and a RN as well...I didn't need very much nursing but they were all competent and relaxed and there when I needed them. Hooray for RNSH private and Hooray for Aussie nurses in general.:heartbeat:yeah:
  3. sydneymum14

    Really disappointed with the reality of nursing.

    ok you guys what is LTC sounds like it might mean what we aussies call community nursing. It all depends on a lot of things doesn't it, I mean the maturity, knowledge and experience of the nurse, the communication abilities of both nurse, patient and family...the particular stress of the family, patient and nurse on the day..lots of variables...all we nurses can do is to try to be patient and communicate well with both patients and famiies and realise their is a lot of stress involved in ill health and just do our best..if it is too tough for some nurses then maybe they should try another type of job...I don't know..I love it for all it's ups and downs..but I am in the community and mostly it is not high stress..I've not worked as a hospital nurse but have been a patient a lot and know they are under a lot of pressure..Will go in as patient again on Monday and at least can talk to them nurse to nurse.
  4. sydneymum14

    Fed up with nursing, advice please.

    Hi yes well congrats on your new job. It must be hard for you not having money but as you say you feel liberated now. I am just starting my nursing at uni and absolutely love it. I do work for an agency and it is working with oldies in their home, just you and them and no boss over your shoulder yet if you need some advice then the boss is only a phone call away. Not great pay but I do love it...walking around with a big smile on my face. I am 44 and have done the family thing and now the carreeer...all the different order to norm But everyone have a great day today and also tomorrow
  5. sydneymum14

    bachelor of nursing at uni

    It does depend on the uni. At the uni I go to you do get to choose where you go to. The Lecturers are wonderful. I studied but not overly and still got distinctions. My daughter who is doing her HSC is doing much harder work than I am doing. There is plenty of good agency work but I don't know about the hospital work.
  6. Wow it is much easier here in Australia. I got distinctions in both my beginning exams and the teachers treat us really well. Of course I am 44 and already an AIN. Yes there are the newbies from school and you wonder how they will get on but we all learn. If you put in the effort you will succeed.
  7. sydneymum14

    ACU Bachelor of nursing

    It is such cool fun. Easy study. I love it!!! Very good vibe, lecturers and all the students are terriffic. You'll love it.
  8. sydneymum14

    Plz tell me aged care is not that bad!

    Aged care is the most wonderful job!!!! I do agency work and go to 11 regular people..so it is like having 11 different grandparents. Yes my job is to give med prompts, but it is so much more than that. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about what makes people tick, I've learnt about BP, colostomy, grief, wound care, blindness, deafness, dementia, alzheimers and many other things. I've just got home from tonights run and had to call an ambulance for my 3rd patient. That in itself is a learning curve. I love it!!!!
  9. sydneymum14

    Australian STUDENTS

    Wow that sounds complicated...I'm only a baby really. I've got Biology and Society and Culture. I don't know about clinicals. I don't think I get any till next semester. Which uni are you at and what year? I'm at ACU and first year.
  10. sydneymum14

    Australian STUDENTS

    Hi well it is a great idea. I'm so excited about starting. What re you doing?? And what do you mean by TENS?
  11. sydneymum14

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    Nice and cool today. Only 4 weeks till I start uni..excitemnet plus....so excited I cn't spell... Will give up my "day job" and only work the evenings but I prefer them anyway...had to say goodbye to one of my regulars as I won't see her again...sad but it is the nature of the job.
  12. sydneymum14

    Any Nurses going to work in Sydney??

    HI Alison, well I live in Sydney so any questions you can ask me. It is the best city in the world. It has been really hot lately but now it is about 24degrees. Cheers
  13. sydneymum14

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    Still bloody hot today here in Sydney. Going to work tonight...I'll have the air con on indeed.
  14. sydneymum14

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    Hi well I got into ACU and will start in a few weeks...yahhhhaaa...very good!! Very pleased
  15. sydneymum14

    ACU Bachelor of nursing

    Hi Colleen I start there in March. Excited plus..congrats.
  16. sydneymum14

    New RN Student

    Hi I am starting universtity Bachelor of nursing in Australia in Feb 2010. Good luck to us all hey!!