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Hi, again! Okay. Thirty-forty mile radius is what we're looking at (something commute-able). Opinions on the hospitals? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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PS. I am reading ALL applicable posts on this in the archive. I just don't remember there being a whole lot (but I'm about to find out!). Just so you don't think I'm lazy. ;)

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Bayfront Medical Center is big on mother/baby but they ship their NICU patients next door to "All Childrens Hospital". I would look at ACH if I were you and not Bayfront, unless you want to do mother/baby and labor and delivery.

I've heard good things about St. Joseph's as a whole and as a trauma center, but not much about their NICU, but definately check them out. Good luck.

I've sent you a PM with some of my thoughts on the region - I love living here.


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I live in Tampa and love it. You can see what positions are open and apply on line at http://www.baycarejobs.com (St. Joes) and http://www.tgh.org (Tampa General). I work for a Pedi Urgent Care, let me know if you have any interest in giving Urgent Care a try.

Good Luck!


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University Community had some issues a few years ago. A surgeon amputated the wrong leg on a patient...didn't lose his license and then commited a similar infraction which finally got the Board to pull his license. A vent patient was removed from the vent incorrectly and died. And a few other less critical cases. The MDs can be rude there...serious G-d complexes.

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Caroladybelle - You are right about UCH. I had forgotten all about the situation with the wrong limb amputation and the wrong patient having his vent d/c'd.

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Thank you! All of you! John, I'll PM you some more questions. Thanks!

Yesterday I got a packet from Tampa General. How confusing! :D Thank you for the info about University; it wasn't tops on my list. I'm pretty flexible- though I'd love NICU, I'd rather do Mother/Baby or Level II if the hospital with the Level III is horrible. It's more important to me for the unit to be good, no matter what it is, than for me to stick with NICU. I was hoping this would make finding a job easier, but it's just opened my search wide open and has my head spinning! I'm calling the hospitals today, so we'll see how that goes. Thank you again! This is me not being intimidated. ;)


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I would recommend that you talk with All Childrens Hospital in St. Petersburg. I worked there at one time and it is a great place to work. The NICU is the best in the area. I would also recommend St. Pete over Tampa any day. Best beaches, better all around. The hospital is near the interstate so it is easy to access from many areas of the county including the beaches. Good Luck in where ever you go.


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Hi, again! Okay. Have applied for Fl license (waiting, waiting...:D) and am in the process of tying things up here (selling car, packing/discarding, etc.). Was originally looking at the Orlando area, but was not impressed. Furthermore, am an NICU nurse, and there are pitifully few jobs there (really, only one hospital I might have been interested in working for, and haven't been impressed with the nurse recruiter so far, few jobs, none on my unit, etc.). Looked at Jacksonville (nixed). Looked at Gainesville, same thing. One hospital, just hired 90 (whoa!) new grads, no spots available.

Family suggested Tampa area, which I'd not previously considered since it was so geographically low in FL (moving to be closer to family/friends), but WOW! I'm impressed. So many hospitals, more than one with Level III NICU's, many with Mother/Baby or Peds, some with Level II's, etc. I'm excited about this! I'm off this week and going to start my round of never-ending phone calls tomorrow morning, and I'm visiting FL in May so will have a chance to look around, but in the meantime.... (see, this is where I smile really pretty and look at you with pleading eyes)...

I know that some of you live in/around Tampa. Thirty-forty mile radius is what we're looking at (something commute-able). Puh-leeze, will someone either PM me or post here on this? I KNOW everybody gets sick of doing this, because it seems like everybody in this forum wants to move to Florida, but I SWEAR TO YOU I am moving in the next four months (by August 1st I *will* be moved, whether you help me or not!!!!), and I need all the help I can get.

Opinions on the hospitals? Looking at St. Josephs (Children's and Women's), Bayfront Medical Center, University Community, and Brandon? I will take ANYTHING- personal experience, anecdotes, salary info (don't throw anything at me- I realize this is completely dependant on personal experience, etc.), hate it, love it, whatever. Opinions on any other aspect of living are welcome, too. Happy there? Horrible traffic? Great weather? WHATEVER! I'm desperate, really, and it's coming to crunch time and I feel horribly disorganized with this whole thing (moving both of us pretty much on my own with no assistance from others, aside from you)- it's daunting.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I apologize if I've put anybody out.


Dear Kristina,

Have you looked at All Children's Hospital yet? I work there in SICU and have floated several times into our NICU (N2, N3). ACH is a great place to work. Staffing is almost always excellent and most of the nurses are cooperative and really like the work that they do. Salaries are competitive and benefits are good. (you get health benefirts from day one) They are lots of opportunties for education/growth. St. Petersburg is a great city. Wonderful churches, tremendous parks, fabulous resturants and several local colleges/universities within short driving distance. Hope this helps some.

Merideth :)

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Thanks again, you guys! Okay, plane tickets bought and paid for. EEE! (That's me freaking out, just a little...stress-venting.) I'm still looking at a few hospitals, to keep the options wide, but I'm narrowing in on St. Joseph's W+C (Tampa) and All Children's (St. Pete). I'd really prefer to stay in NICU, since it's what I know and love, but I know how hard it can be to get a spot, so I'm trying to remain as flexible as possible.

Now I just need to schedule appt's for the days I'm going to be there. I'll let you know how it goes.

Another question: Is St. Joseph's in a bad area in Tampa? I was just wondering. (Crime, etc...?)

Also, when looking at St. Pete, can any of you recommend areas to live in? (If Tampa ends up being it, we've got a bit of help on that end.) We've only got one reliable income right now, so I can't afford 1000 a month to live in an apartment. We're looking for safe, clean, and relatively :D affordable on typical-area salaries. I'm looking at all of the web sites, and they all look the same to me (in other words, you can't tell crap about an apartment if you base your decision on what the management says). I went to apartmentratings.com and it seems like all the people on there who are actual residents hate where they live. That's not helpful!! :) We'd like to buy a house in about a year (after we get settled in), and I need to save as much money as possible wherever I can.

I just want to thank you, yet again, for being so helpful. You are really relieving loads of my stress. Meredith, I'll PM you if the AC thing works out for me- do they offer referral bonuses? I'd be happy to put you down. I'll let you know.

Yay! I'm excited! (happy dancing)

I just keep thinking: Ocean, ocean, ocean. I LOOOOOVE the water, any kind...It would be super fantastic to be able to unwind by taking a short drive to the beach. The thought of sand under my feet keeps me smiling silently at work, and they look at me like I'm crazy.

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Oh! Meredith, do you happen to know what the floating policy is at ACH? Where the NICU staff floats, I mean? I've never worked in a dedicated children's hospital before. Thanks!

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