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I'm interested in applying to an accelerated BSN program. I already have my bachelor's but need to take 3 of the 4 science prerequisites prior to submitting my application to nursing school. In order to apply for the 2019 nursing school term, I must take AP1, AP2 and Microbiology over the summer; a minimum of a C in each is required although I'm aiming for As and would like to absorb the material. I'd also be vetting the professors to ensure they're good/great, and taking AP1 in the first half of the summer, and both AP2 and Micro in the second half. Has anyone done this, or know someone who has? Am I destined to fail one or all of these classes? I'm not strong in the sciences but I'm a great student and plan to dedicate myself to any class I take. I just really don't want to wait an extra year to enter nursing school for legitimate reasons.

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If, by your own admission, you are not great in science- you are setting yourself up for failure. I would spread them out- even through doing so delays your timeline for admission. Because if you fail one or more- you are likely making it much, much worse on yourself. Even a 'C' in one or more of these critical courses can knock you out of contention for a spot against stronger candidates.

Something to consider.

Like PP stated, you should slow down. I did take AP 1 in a 6 week summer course and anther non-science class together and it was a lot to absorb! Now I am taking Micro in a 12 week course and it is still so much to learn! I do think by taking both AP and Micro together you run a chance of failing. But ultimately, it is your decision to make.

Even as someone who is fairly good in science, that sounds very iffy to me. A&P covers a lot of foundational information you'll need for nursing school. Trying to pack all that information into one summer while taking a 6-week micro class with A&P 2? That sounds like a recipe for either getting poor grades or memorizing and dumping all the information. Depending on the competitiveness of the program you are trying to get into, getting the highest grade possible is necessary.

Especially if you haven't had higher level science classes in a bit, you're going to want to give yourself some room to get back into it. I know I had some "review" information to go back over and relearn since it had been a while since I learned the info. I had to spend a bit more time on those chapters than someone who had just graduated high school. If you aren't great with science classes, then it's going to be even harder.

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I was in the same boat last year at this time when enrolling for summer (have a bachelors, career change to nursing). I needed to get all my prereqs done so I could apply Jan 2018... Even so, I enrolled in only A&P I and chem for summer because of how difficult summer course can be. I had then planned on A&P II, micro, nutrition in the fall. After 3 days of classes I realized I needed to do these classes (especially A&P) over a regular semester. Even though this delayed my application by a year. In doing so I have been able to get all As. Which you really need in order to be a competitive applicant btw. I definitely recommend spreading out your courses and starting with an easier class for the summer. I ended up doing nutrition and thought it was a great segue.

Most likely you can't take AP1 & 2 at the same time, they are designed as sequential courses.

That said, I wouldn't take AP2 & Micro at the same time in the summer. I'm taking them together during the regular spring semester and it's a lot. You could probably do AP1 & Micro at the same time, however, at least at my school AP1 is a pre requisite for Micro so you may not be able to do that combo either.

No way would I do that. I did one science class over the summer (Chem 2) and I wish I had given it a full semester. And I love science.

You need to master the material, not just get an A or a B. No one is going to reteach you the anatomy of the ear, or cell mediated immune responses. This stuff is the foundation for nursing and it all deserves a full semester, IMO.

I excel at science and the most science courses I would take is two. I *know* how hard it is to wait - you want to be in there, right now. I had to push my application back, too. It'll be worth it though.

Good luck.

If you are a good student, I think you should go for it. I took AP 1 and 2, microbiology, stats, chemistry and nutrition all online, mostly at Portage. One thing that helped me was that everything is self-paced. You might consider taking the microbiology course now online, and then you will be able to finish it by the summer and not have to double up. I started in May and completed 22 credits by October while working full time and parenting 2 kids. I was busy, but got all A's and it was completely possible. I am now enrolled in an ABSN program, and while I do find that I need to review some physiology for my pathophysiology course, I feel prepared and am doing well in my classes. You are not destined to fail!

Thank you for your guidance and positivity! I ended up taking chemistry through Portage, and so far, so good. Unfortunately, the BSN program I'm interested in doesn't accept the A&P and Microbiology classes from Portage. Good luck with the ABSN program!

Thank you everyone! Due to everyone's advice I decided against taking the three summer classes.

So I went against my better judgment and took the three science classes over the summer - I got As in all three (I'm finishing up the last one soon), while working and taking care of a toddler (with my husband's help). Just wanted to update this post in case there's someone pondering taking multiple science prerequisites in a short period of time while dealing with life. It was intensely hard as the classes were not "watered down" but absolutely possible.

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