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Taking my NCLEX in two days

Hello everyone.

I'm so terrified since I'm taking in my NCLEX in less than 48 hours. I hope to pass since my whole life on pause right now. I prepared using only UWORLD questions bank beside the ATI for my school before graduation. My score in UWORLS overall percentage was 68% and my ATI exit exam put me on the 99% of passing from the first attempt and seriously I don't trust ATI results.

Other than that I didn't do anything and I'm planning just to take tomorrow as relaxing day before the test. Please guys any advice are welcome !


Your UWorld average is out of this world. You're going to do fine! Don't beat yourself up! I bet you pass in 75 questions.

I agree, that's a great score! My overall was 59% and I passed in 75 questions. Good luck!

Thank you guys I need your encouragement and prayers please. I'll let you all posted about my nclex experience and my results.

That UWOrld percentage is stellar, i finished 54 overall, i think you'll do great.


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