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Taking my NCLEX soon

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Hi all,

I'm taking my NCLEX on Sept. 8, which is a little bit over a week from now. The resources I have are Saunders, LaCharity, Kaplan 2010-2011 strategies book, and the Kaplan course online.

But, I'm mainly focusing on Kaplan online. My scores on the Diagnostic Exam, Question Trainers 1-7, and Readiness Test are as follows:

Diagnostic= 59%

QT 1= 69%

QT 2= 64%

QT 3= 58%

QT 4= 65%

QT 5= 71%

QT 6= 68%

QT 7= 65%

Readiness Test= 69%

I'm still nervous about taking the NCLEX! Just wanted to know if this indicates that I'm ready...or if any of you guys think I should look over some other resources to help me prepare...I haven't really looked over the LaCharity book yet but i do plan to go over it a bit. If any of you used this book, did it help significantly? Still need some advice... :uhoh3:

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I think you scores reflect that you understand the material. As long as you achieve scores around 60-65%, then you are fine. If you havent already, do the question bank with rationales and start off doing 25 at a time. Do the analysis and see which ones you got incorrect, then after doing this several times, take a test with all the ones you got incorrect. Believe me, this is reinforcement. According to the blueprint, Management of Care and Pharmacological Therapies have a high percentage so definitely focus there.

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Do you feel that you are comfortable with the material? If so, then there is not much to do except finish up your preparation and take the exam. Spend the day prior relaxing and practicing your relaxation exercises. Good luck.

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