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Taking NCLEX RN for 3rd time



Like most, I am a frequent lurker, never a poster. However, I am in a mental crisis. I graduated May 2014, I had a job lined up in the ICU and started working as a graduated nurse, had been a PCA there for a year already. I took my nclex and in August and failed with all 265 questions. Of course I was sad, however, I did not study, I was working full time and was enjoying the chump change increase of my grad nurse pay. I had nobody to blame but myself because I knew I didn't prepare properly. I took Hurst in April and started doing the questions and videos less than a week before I took the test.

Well after laying in my bed for 2 weeks, I signed up to take it again in October, I was going to be ready this time. I signed up for the NCSBN 3 weeks and did those questions and some of the content. When I got to the test it was a hot mess. I took it in a ghetto area of houston and there were car alarms going off, ppl outside cursing that i could clearly hear. I cried at the least 3 times while taking the test. Once again, got all the to 265 and failed.

Didn't really require much mourning because I had already failed before so it wasn't like anything in life was changing, just getting more and more broke by the day. ( I live at home with my parents who support me but I know they are tired looking at me and vice versa)

But to the reason Im writing this, my mom got me the kaplan on demand review. I watched all the videos and just took my first q trainer... i got 73% !!!! I don't understand, how can i receive 73% yet they say you should get at least 60% to pass... What am I doing wrong on Nclex?? I plan on taking it again December 3rd as soon as the 45 days is up because I'm going into debt... and yesterday I had to ask for 200 from my mother..she gave it to me...but the look she gave me was on of disappointment.. I'm 24 years old, I'm ready to start my life. I can't keep letting the NCLEX determine my life. I have an amazing job in the ICU waiting on me with amazing pay. Im watching my classmates move into new places and buy mercedes while my dad still pays my car note smh. I got a prescription for adderall 20 mg xr a few days ago. It has helped me with my studying, i can sit for 8 hours now and just study lol. never been able to do that.

Sorry this is so long, but this needs to be the last time I take this test and I'm scared I may become depressed. How can I keep failing nclex with 265 questions yet make a decent score on a kaplan trainer? It doesn't make sense to me. And did kaplan help? should I study something else? I hate saunders and I have LaCharity, gonna use that too. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you

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That's a great score, but it's only the first Kaplan q trainer. As you go through the q trainers, the questions will get harder, more complex, and there will be more "high level, above passing level" questions. Go through all the q trainers and do at least 70% of the qbank, read the entire PDA book and answer all the case study questions. Read your rationales! Also, if you are lacking in content, read the Kaplan course book which is available free as an Amazon e-book. It also has test taking strategies and a good section on growth and development. Let us know how you do.

Honestly for me the NCLEX questions is nothing compared to the practice questions from Hurst and Kaplan. I scored between 62%-75% on the qtrainers and from what others say, it's a really good score (my QT 7 was a 70%) but during my exam I still went up to 265 and thankfully I passed. But while I was taking the exam I didn't feel like it was similar to Hurst or Kaplan questions at all! I honestly think just knowing my content was what helped me pass and not so much the strategies (i.e., decision tree).

Thank you for your responses! I appreciate all input, I just scheduled my third and FINAL test. December 11th, I am claiming favor, victory and success. 75 questions covered in the blood of Jesus.

I started listening to the content portion of the kaplan review, I ordered the book from amazon also to go along. Even though they are highly boring, I figured I better do everything in my power to be successful. Leave no page unturned. I am ready to start my life as an ICU nurse and not only grow in skill in the field, but love what I was chosen to do and help my community.

I got 75 questions! we will know saturday


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Congrats....tested four times and passed, I know the feeling!!!


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Congrats....I took mine again on the 9 but no.success will keep trying. What did u do for questions.


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Congrats on passing!!!!!


What resources did you use i going to take it for the third time

I used LaCharity, and Kaplan on demand. I didnt do all the qtrainers, only 1-4, and then 6. I did ALL of LaCharity except the case studies, this is a must because my nclex was most similar to that. I watched most of the kaplan videos. Kaplan taught me how to think like a nurse. That is what I was missing. My exam I had no content like questions, they were all what would you do, triage, priority like. 1 put in order, and a lot of SATA. But most importantly, GOD. I covered every question with the blood, and pressed next with faith knowing God had my back. Its confidence. The 2nd time I cried 3 times during my test. This time I felt no stress. Any questions please feel to ask me. Im so excited to go back to work tomorrow!