Taking nclex rn in november


Hello everyone! I plan on taking the nclex rn in 9wks, I am already really scared and started studying since 2wkS ago (and already read the saunders book in the summer) . The materials I have is hurst review, pda la charity. I want to buy the KAPLAN QBANK, but I am confused on whether the qbank comes with the qtrainers. I went to their web page and it doesn't specify. I only want to buy the qbank because I think it would be good along with my hurst review, also it is 118dls less than if I buy the online course. What do you nurses know about the online QBANK? I really want to do the qtrainers because I've been reading around here that they are really good, OR WHAT DO I DO LOL I'M ALREADY SO STRESSED :coldfeet: ANY FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED. Anybody else testing on november, what are you doing to study, for some reason I feel that just the hurst is probably not enough.


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RN Qbank is $299 NCLEX-RN Qbank | Kaplan Nursing

RN Review on demand (qbank, qtrainers, 500 page e-book for content) $418 NCLEX-RN Review - On Demand | Kaplan Nursing

The 4 day classroom Kaplan NCLEX Integrated Review was included in our tuition which included Qbank and trainers, book, and readiness tests. I used Qbank questions and trainers for 3 weeks before NCLEX and passed with 76 questions.

Don1984 Thank you so much for your reply!!! Wow now I really want to buy the qbank!!! so do you think that if I buy just the 299 qbank that it will come with the qtrainers or the qtrainers are only for the classroom and on demand? I also have a kaplan strategy book 2010-2011 (it's old I know).


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The $299 is q bank only, no q trainers. The q trainers are not worth the extra $119.

Did you do the hurst review? And get there questions? They are pretty good too. There is such a thing as studying too much.

Don1984, I have been hearing about the qtrainers...would you tell me about it please?

Carrotcake, I'm going to be scheduling for sometime in November also once I get my att. It will be my third attempt, found out I failed second time yesterday using the trick. I have used hurst(great for content, nothing else highly recommend them), pda(helped me understand the strategy and rational on priority-highly recommend also), a little bit of ncbsn (I liked this also, I didn't get a hold of the qbank (cause I couldn't locate them) I really like it and I'm thinking about purchase the 3 week package when I get close to test date). I wanted to try something new this time, I was undecided between kaplan and ati, but I'm starting to lean more towards kaplan currently. But $$$ like sheesh it's so expensive...I don't I'll see.

Keep me posted

Don1984 Thanks! I feel the same way, I don't want to pay 118 extra just to have the qtrainers, that was my main reason for wanting to buy the qbank.

runsalot I have the hurst, but I have not done the questions yet since I am saving the 6 tests for last, I hope your right and they are good, I really wanted to do the kaplan qbank but by the looks of it, it doesn't come withe the qtrainers. I really feel like I need to study study study lol since I am already having trouble sleeping.

wttw I think it is a good idea to change up your strategy, I am still undecisive about the kaplan qbank, I'm going to study hurst for 2 more wks then i'll read the pda lacharity then I'll read the little strategy book I have by kaplan, but I know I need to invest in another question bank just haven't decided which one yet. Thanks for telling me about the ncsbn, I like that it is only 50dls for 3wks. I don't know if I should buy the kaplan qbank I kind of do want to buy it but then I don't because it is so expensive, but at the same time, if I don't pass then I will have to pay for the exam again. I think I want to schedule mine for the 18-21st of nov. Lets keep each other updated ok:)


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Q Trainers are 7 tests.

Trainer 1 & 2 are Recall/Recognition and Comprehension (75 questions)

Trainer 3 adds Application questions into the test (100 q)

Trainer 4 & 5 are Comprehension, Application, and Analysis (150 q)

Trainer 6 & 7 are Application and Analysis (6 is 200Q and 7 is 265Q). All questions are above NCLEX passing level.

What I liked about the q bank is that you can create your own test (up to 75 questions). You can choose all questions, only unused questions, only incorrect, unused and incorrect. You can also customize the test for content areas (all or select areas): Safe and Effective Care, Health Promotion, Psychosocial Integrity, and Psychological Integrity.

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Don1984 Thank you for your comment! TOO BAD THEY DON'T COME INCLUDED IN THE ONLINE QBANK :down:

Just wanted to update everyone! I bought the kaplan online so I can have access to the qbank and qtrainers, so far I've taken qtrainers 1-4, and hurstreview tests 1-3, I have not started the pda book but I plan on starting it on tuesday, so far these are my scores, I'm really not feeling confident about my scores so I know these last 3wks I need to give it my best. I plan on memorizing labs, insulin peaks, cranial nerves, developmental stages, infection control precautions 2wks before my test. Any advice is highly appreciated, I'm already really anxious:nailbiting: I don't know if I'm over exagerating with the memorization thing, what do you guys thinK? I do plan on making time to redo the qtrainer 6 and 7 because I want to make sure I can master these before going into my test.

dx 61%

qtrainer 1: 57%

qtrainer 2: 60%

qtrainer 3: 57%

qtrainer 4: 56%


test 1: 88/125

test 2: 85/125

test 3: 85/125