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Taking the NCLEX July 3rd and super nervous !!

Im taking the nclex in 1 day and half and im super nervous. The anxiety and the fear is settling in and i cant seem to study anymore. Sigh... i really really hope i do alright on this exam... I know everyone says not to study the day before but im so nervous i dont know if i can do it. Ive been waking up every now and then from my sleep just to look up lab values, info that i cant seem to remember in my dreams. LOL. I hate this feeling. I might have to admit myself to the psychiatric hospital after this exam lol.

I just took it on June 20. I passed in 75 questions. I too was extremely anxious, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, etc.

DO NOT study the day before the exam. Rest, eat a good meal, and let everything settle.

I took Hurst Review (and studied their core content one chapter a day for two weeks) and I did 5 of their "Q-Reviews" and read every single rationale that came with the questions in the QReviews. That helped me the most, learning how to answer NCLEX style questions.

Read every single word in the question, SLOWLY. Then ask yourself...

"What is the problem?"

"What are they wanting from me?"

Then choose an answer. After you choose an answer, make sure it relates back to the problem and what they are wanting from you. I did that for every single question, it took me two hours, but I passed!

Good luck, just breathe. :)

We both have the same test day. What materials did you use to study for your exam? I may study for half a day then be over with it!

Thanks guys! Im going to take the readiness for kaplan in the morning, go over allnurses. Study guide and then rest the rest of the day. I really hope i can pass as i have an internship starting the following week that requires me to be licensed. If i don't pass, then i lose the job. I think that's y i feel sooo pressured!

I love hurst! it helped give me a better understanding of materials and build a core content. Then i used kaplan. I thought the decision tree was a waste so i am just using the kaplan question trainer. Crossing my fingers! Ill also pray for all that's taking the test soon!

Trying my best to stay positive but its so nerve wrecking no matter how much i try. I think Im going to have to get a massage to.arrow just to.calm my nerves. Lol

Tkm2005- Ty for the tips! I did realize i drastically increased my score on q trainer 6 for kaplan just by slowing down and looking at each answer and eliminating and narrowing down. So i am going to keep reminding myself to slow down, and take breaks. I an usually a quick test taker that makes stupid mistakes but i know i cant afford mistakes this time so i am going to breath like u said. Im going to look like a pregnant women practicing relaxation techniques to successfully produce a healthy test result. Lol

i took my readiness i got a 66% on it.

i found this on this website

readiness score nclex-probability

84 99.90%

83 99.90%

82 99.90%

81 99.90%

80 99.90%

79 99.80%

78 99.70%

77 99.70%

76 99.60%

75 99.50%

74 99.40%

73 99.30%

72 99.10%

71 98.90%

70 98.60%

69 98.30%

68 97.90%

67 97.40%

66 96.80% ---------- i hope this is a good sign!

65 96.10%

64 95.2%

63 94.1%

62 92.8%

61 91.3%

60 89.4%

59 87.2%

58 84.6%

57 81.70%

56 78.20%

55 74.40%

54 70.10%

53 65.40%

52 60.40%

51 55.20%

50 49.90%

49 44.50%

48 39.30%

47 34.40%

46 29.70%

45 25.40%

Jen you did great!!!! Im taking my readiness in 1 hour and super nervous!!!!! Ill let u know how i did in a bit. After that, Im just looking at lab values and the allnurses study guide until 3pm and then stop studying from then on and hopefully relax. Lol good luck!!!

I also test July 3rd ......good luck to us all!!!

Yes good luck to you all too !

i just finished my readiness exam and got a 64% ! that means i have a 95.2% chance of passing! yay ! I feel alot better now that i scored above 60% on q trainer 7 and readiness exam. lol. So now, after i read the allnurses study guide and lab values... no more studying for me !! relax and breath until the exam tomorrow....

Good luck everyone !!

Good luck! :) I will say a prayer for you tonight.

good luck!

please let us know how your exam was!

All the best.. very good scores. You got this!

Got the good pop up!! 75?s a while bunch of sata's and alt questions. Lets hope this pop up stays true to its history!!

took it this morning, was so nervous and took an optional break before one hour but finished and got the good popup!! YAY

Congrats guys!! took the nclex-rn as well today too. stopped at 75! I got SATA, drag and drop, two charts, and lots of teachings. Is your good pop up saying this btw: "Our records indicate that you have recentely scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member board for assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time".. Just making sure lol

Yes that's the good pop up! :) Congratulations to all of you!!

congratulations to you all

Ty! Will find out tomorrow via quick results. I've been less.nervous due to the good pop up but still not sure yet....

Hey y'all! I made an account here specifically to ask this question because the suspense is killing me! Lol I too took the NCLEX July 3rd, will quick results be ready July 5th or will we have to wait until July 6th due to the fourth of July?


Im pretty sure today since i heard its an automated system