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  1. babiiphatt

    Regis College Online FNP Program Fall 2020

    Yes it is unfortunate. I hope I don't have the same experience as I also have to work full-time while completing the program. I did switch to the acute care NP Program at regis though. Yes BostonRN, lets keep in touch !
  2. babiiphatt

    2017 CRNA School Applicants: General Thread

    Ty. My GPA is 3.1 to 3.2. As long as I land interviews I believe I will do okay. Which schools did you apply to?
  3. babiiphatt

    What are my chances?

    Hi everyone! I finally am applying spring 2017 for CRNA school. Have been putting it off. Here are my stats so far 4 years of ICU experience in multiple hospitals, cvicu, ctsurg, CcU, and now currently at a teaching hospital 28 mixed bed CTSURG, ccu, MICU, SICU and CTSURG. Ccrn -cmc and csc certifications BLS pals ACLS and ENLS certifications as well 3.1 GPA:( GRE in March 2017 - pretty sure I will score above 300 since I'm studying now. Co-chair of Nurse practice council in texas Board director of Greater Boston CHAPTER-AACN Attends NTI critical care conferences every year for the past 3 years. ICU committee member I'm applying to schools where I have housing and not worry for rent Boston college, noetheastern, TCU and TWU in texas. Also applying to 4 additional achools- researching programs now. Do you think my GPA will hurt me? Should I take biochemistry at UNE? Thanks for everyone's input!
  4. babiiphatt

    2017 CRNA School Applicants: General Thread

    Hello everyone! I will be applying in 2017. I have 4 year icu experience in CT surg, CCU, MICU, SICU at multiple hospitals. I have my CCRN-CMC-CSC ACLS PALS BLS AND ENLS Board director of Greater Boston Chapter aacn Member of the icu committee Taking my GRE in March- studying now so I'm hoping to achieve high scores before applying. The only problem I have is my current GPA OF 3.2 since I worked fulltime and went to school full time Hopefully I can get some interviews next year. What schools do you guys recommend?
  5. babiiphatt

    ADN vs. BSN in Boston

    Wow lizbee. You are pretty lucky if you were able to land a job as an adn. I'm a bsn degree nurse with 3 yrs critical care experience and had a hard time landing a job in Boston. I finally landed one after 3 Months buy I'll be honest - I sent over 100 applications and only landed one interview- and I'm experienced with my ccrn certification. So I can only imagine how hard it is out there for new grads let alone adns. I know in texas, all hospitals stopped hiring adns because of trying to achieve magnet status. I hear the same is true here. best of luck to u!
  6. Hello everyone, I finally moved back to Boston from texas and have been having a hard time with getting a job. I sent in applications 2 1/2 weeks ago but have yet to receive any phone calls or interviews. I'm just wondering how long does it usually take from application time go when you receive an interview. I have 2 1/2 yrs of experience, 2 years being in ICU. I'm open to telemetry and icu positions as I am pretty desperate right now. Thank you for your help !
  7. babiiphatt

    Mass General

    What about experience nurses? I have 2 years icu experience and am moving in august. I'm in Texas for 10 years now but originally born and raised in Boston. Was wondering how the market is for experienced nurses. Thanks for anyone that replies
  8. babiiphatt

    No trauma or large hospital experience, what are my chances?

    Any updated on your interview? I am getting PALS certified today and taking my GRE thus August since I really want to do well on it. I'm hoping to apply starting July 2015 and will have 2.5yrs icu/ccu experience then. During this year, I will try to join councils and extracurricular activities to make my app stand out. This fall I'm also taking chemistry, retaking statistics, biology. Spring 2015 I'm taking physics, Chem 2, biology 2 and summer I will take organic chem. Totally serious and hoping to make it happen. My current cumulative GPA is 3.2 and nursing GPA is 3.6 so I'm hoping these science courses will help boost my GPA and show them an upward trend as my last 2 semesters I did withdraw from classes due to having baby during nursing school with 18 hour credit load and working 24 hours a week. Yes call me crazy but my GPA did take a little beating since I have 3 kids to support. Please do update me as you and dfw nurse and many others have given me new inspiration and courage to make this dream come true
  9. Hello everyone! First I would like to thank everyone for the time and effort in reading and giving advice to my post. I can't tell you how appreciative I am of all nurses forum as I have learned so much. That being said, my current stats are as follow: I currently live in Texas. I have 1.5 year experience in small CCU unit. I just recently got another prn job in an 16 bed ICU/CCU in another small community hospital. I currently have my BLS, ACLS, PALS, and CCRN. I am taking the scheduled GRE in august. That being said, I am worried that my hospital experience isn't enough as it is of a smaller hospital. By the time I apply, I will have 2.5 years of ICU/CCU experience. I am planning on taking chemistry, biology, retaking statistics this fall 2014 and physics I, Chem 2, biochemistry in spring 2015. I will also take organic chemistry 1 summer 2015 in june in hopes to raise my GPA from a 3.2 higher to be more competitive and have a better science background. I will use this year to also shadow more CRNA's since I want to confirm that this field is what I really want to get into, although it has always been a lifelong goal of mine. I have read alot of posts on allnurses with better hospital experience and higher GPA's. My current GPA of 3.2 and hospital experience seems lacking. Please let me know what else you think I can do to make myself more marketable and competitive. Is there any success stories of people who applied with stats similar to mine and got in? If you did, what schools or states was it in? Especially anyone who has applied to TWU or TCU or any texas schools. I am also applying to florida schools since i have fsmily there thst could help with kiddos. I am almost 30yo single household income family with 3 kids and so this career change is a very significant one considering the sacrifices i have to make (but not regret) to achieve this lifelong goal of mine. I am totally serious in achieving this goal :) and any input will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!
  10. babiiphatt

    No trauma or large hospital experience, what are my chances?

    Thanks icu-rn88! That is very encouraging as I have been getting a lot of negativity lately. I have exactly 1 year ccu experience and plan to take my gre in the next month or so. I'm going to try to apply and see what they say. I will apply to other icu/ccu positions and see what are my options. I am part of the nurse practice council at my hospital. I love my hospital and would hate to leave but my passion has always been crna, and I talked and shadowed 2 already so I know what I'm getting into. I just hope I land interviews once I apply. Keeping positive!
  11. babiiphatt

    No trauma or large hospital experience, what are my chances?

    I have 3.6 nursing gpa and cumulative 3.2
  12. babiiphatt

    No trauma or large hospital experience, what are my chances?

    I'm also in the same boat. I only have 1 year experience in ccu to date, just passed my ccrn and is planning to apply to crna school. The only problem is that mu experience is solely from a very small hospital 180 beds, 12 bed icu unit and I'm worried that this would hurt my chances of getting in. I am planning to take the gre next month and then apply to about 5 programs by July. Which programs did you guys apply to or know of people who got in with 1 year of experience from a small hospital? I'm in the Texas area so I would like to attend a school in Texas if possible. Any response would be helpful. Thanks!
  13. babiiphatt

    Get together at NTI 2014 Denver - Will You Be There??

    I will be going by myself so I'm glad to be able to meet others there! I will also be there from Monday to Thursday !
  14. babiiphatt

    North Hills Hospital GN intern

    Just to let everyone know more info about this hospital so far... it is a great hospital! everyone is very nice and approachable and they really do make you feel comfortable. Although it is a smaller hospital, it gives you the feeling of being right at home. Ill update more but i love it here so far...
  15. So i too the exam july 3rd, Tuesday and now its Sunday and my information is not on.the Texas.board of nursing yet . My classmate took hers one.day before.mines and.her info shows up on Thursday, 2 days later. I really hope it shows uo.tomorrow since.im.starting my internship Tuesday. ... Super nervous now
  16. babiiphatt

    New Grads in DFW...what are you earning?

    Yes. I applied all over Texas mostly big cities, Massachusetts and Florida. I actually never asked what shift diffs are since im happy to even land an internship right out of school. I will find out Tuesday when i go in for orientation and Will let u know.