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What are my chances?


Hi everyone! I finally am applying spring 2017 for CRNA school. Have been putting it off. Here are my stats so far

4 years of ICU experience in multiple hospitals, cvicu, ctsurg, CcU, and now currently at a teaching hospital 28 mixed bed CTSURG, ccu, MICU, SICU and CTSURG.

Ccrn -cmc and csc certifications

BLS pals ACLS and ENLS certifications as well

3.1 GPA:(

GRE in March 2017 - pretty sure I will score above 300 since I'm studying now.

Co-chair of Nurse practice council in texas

Board director of Greater Boston CHAPTER-AACN

Attends NTI critical care conferences every year for the past 3 years.

ICU committee member

I'm applying to schools where I have housing and not worry for rent Boston college, noetheastern, TCU and TWU in texas. Also applying to 4 additional achools- researching programs now.

Do you think my GPA will hurt me? Should I take biochemistry at UNE?

Thanks for everyone's input!


Specializes in CCRN. Has 5 years experience.

GPA isn't everything, so don't beat yourself up about it. Schools generally look at the whole package. You've got awesome work-related extras and extra-curriculars. If you do well on the GRE, then you shouldn't have a problem getting interviews with at least some of your schools. That being said, CRNA schools love graduate level courses. So if you can't stop worrying about your GPA (or if you want to increase the look of your total package), then taking a graduate level statistics course or chemistry course would always look great on your application. Most importantly, try to get some shadowing hours with a CRNA. That, above all, shows your willingness to understand the career and proves you understand what goes into the rigorous schooling and then the resulting job. :) Good luck! Keep us updated!